Your Love is Expressed only by Sitting on Your Knees, read how it started and what’s the proper manner

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Your Love is Expressed only by Sitting on Your Knees, In this valentine’s day you may also use this approach. We have been watching films on account of that adolescence. We have also visible love testimonies of hero and heroine in different movies inclusive of Bollywood and Hollywood. In these, we’ve seen that whenever the hero or heroine proposes to each other, they achieve this on their knees. You must have visible all these, aside from movies, many of us need to have visible people providing every other sitting on their knees in actual life too. Probably lots of you ought to have proposed like this too. Seeing this, has this question are available in your coronary heart as nicely that why is it proposed sitting on one’s knees?

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If you are planning to propose someone on this Valentine’s Day, then this Blog will be useful for you.Because, today in this article, we will also tell you that what is the right way to propose.

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Your Love is Expressed only by Sitting on Your Knees

How did this idea come?

There is no direct writing from the beginning of kneeling. However, experts say that this style of proposal is different in a way. Experts say that this tradition started in the medieval era.At that time the women warriors used to bow down on their knees.By then, kneeling had also become a protocol for many official rituals. Its glimpse can be seen in many paintings of that period.

is a sign of respect ?

In those times, kneeling was a sign of respect and the knights used to pay respect to their lords by kneeling before them. In today’s time too, proposing by bending down on one’s knees is a sign of respect towards one’s future life partner. With the hope that their partner in front will be kind and loving, they propose in this way and tell that their whole life is now in the hands of their partner.

On which knee is the proposal done?

Usually people propose sitting on the left knee. This is done by people who use the right hand more. By doing this, it is easy for them to open the ring box with the right hand while proposing while sitting on the left knee. If you are a lefty, that is, you use your left hand, then you can also propose sitting on your right knee.

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