Who is fooling whom, a devotee of God or a devotee of God!

One’s own death and the death of loved ones seem scary. The rest of the man just enjoys death…

take some time to read till the end

Man relishing the taste of death…
It is written a bit bitter but it is written from the heart.

There is no love for death, death is our taste.

of goat,
of cow,
of buffalo,
of camel,
of deer,
of halal,
without halal,
fresh goat,
Small Fish,
big fish,

Cooked on low flame. Don’t know how many but innumerable are the tastes of death.
Because the death is someone else’s, and the taste is ours.

Taste has become business of death.
Poultry Farming, Fish Farming, Goat Farming, Poultry Farms.
Name *follow* and motive *murder*❗
Opened till the slaughter house. That too official. Non-veg restaurants open in every street, if not the business of death then what else? Love and business with death because death is not ours.

Those who cannot speak like us, cannot express, are not able to protect themselves…

How did we accept their helplessness as our strength?

How can you assume that they don’t have feelings?
Or do they not sigh?

While scratching the bones on the dining table, the father teaches the children, Son, never hurt anyone! Don’t take someone’s sigh! No one should have tears in their eyes because of you!

The father who inculcates false rituals in the children, does not see that bone in his hand, which was a body earlier, inside which there was a soul before, it also had a mother…??
Which would have been cut?
Who would have moaned?
Who would be in agony?
Whose sigh must have come out?
Who would have even cursed?

How did you believe that whenever atrocities on the earth increase, God will incarnate only to protect you humans..❓

Are the dumb animals not the children of that Supreme Father God?

Is that God not worried about their safety..❓

Under the guise of religion, in the name of that Supreme Father, sometimes you slaughter goats on Eid for your taste, sometimes you sacrifice goats in front of Durga Maa or Bhairav Baba. Somewhere you enjoy fish for your taste.

ever thought …!!!
Does God have taste? …. What is their food?

Who are you cheating?
To God?
To Allah?
To Jesus?
or himself?

Don’t eat non veg on Tuesday…!!!
Today is Saturday so no…!!!
Now fasting is going on….!!!
The question does not arise in Navratri….!!!
Who is fooling whom, a devotee of God or a devotee of God!

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