A Complete Health From Cereals | Which Cereal Cures Which Disease | 10 ways to drive away the hollow sweetness

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A Complete Health From Cereals also one of our traditional crops, blessed with rich nutrients that help us stay healthy, Positive Grains (Millets) unpolished and organic grains include Finger Millet (Ragi), Foxtail Millet (Kakum/Kangni), Barnyard Millet, Kodo Millet, Little Millet (Moraiyo/Kutki/ Shavan/Sama), Browntop millet, Pearl Millet (Bajra), Sorghum Millet (Jowar), Buckwheat Millet (Kuttu), Amaranth Millet (Rajgira/Ramdana/Chola), Broomcorn Millet, etc. but due to the modern lifestyle, we have moved away from these grains, many would not even know their name, but who knows, our forefathers used to live more than 100 years by eating these unknown grains, that too without any disease, can you say that you will live more than 100 years and that too without any disease, it is just a fantasy.

Till date, our scientists have not been able to increase the age of people, leave aside the matter of stopping death, I am not bashing them but it is the truth, as soon as our age is 50+, our blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar and don’t know how many diseases make a home inside us. If you can avoid these diseases only by changing your lifestyle, if you want that there should be no disease till death, then commit yourself today that you will definitely include all these Millets in your food items.

Positive Grains

Name of GrainNiacin (B3) mgRivoflavin (B2) mgThiamine (B1) mg Carotene ( µg)Iron     (mg)Calcium (g)Phosphorous (g)Protein (g)Minerals (g)Carbohydrate (g)Fiber (g)    Carbohydrate/Fiber Ratio
 Foxtail Millet (Kakum/Kangni)
Barnyard Millet1.50.080.3102.
Kodo Millet2.00.090.3302.
Little Millet (Moraiyo/Kutki/ Shavan/Sama)
Browntop millet18.50.0273.200.650.010.4711.54.2169.3712.55.54
Positive Grains

Neutral Grain

Name of GrainNiacin (B3) mgRivoflavin (B2) mgThiamine (B1) mg Carotene ( µg)Iron (mg)Calcium (g)Phosphorous (g)Protein (g)Minerals (g)Carbohydrate (g)Fiber (g)Carbohydrate/Fiber Ratio
Pearl Millet (Bajra)
Finger Millet (Ragi)
Proso Millet2.30.180.2005.90.010.3312.51.968.92.231.31
Great Millet1.80.130.37474.10.030.2810.41.672.41.355.69
Corn Maize1.40.100.42902.10.010.3311.166.22.724.51
Neutral Grain

Negative Food

Name of GrainNiacin (B3) mgRivoflavin (B2) mgThiamine (B1) mg Carotene ( µg)Iron (mg)Calcium (g)Phosphorous (g)Protein (g)Minerals (g)Carbohydrate (g)Fiber (g)Carbohydrate/Fiber Ratio
Paddy Rice1.20.060.0601.
Negative Food

Foxtail Millet (Kakum/Kangni)Foxtail Millet

Foxtail Millet (Kakum/Kangni) is sweet and bitter. It is a good food for diabetic patients. Reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body. These have high immunity power. Most of the proteins, iron, calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus nutrients along with vitamins remain in high scale in Foxtail Millet. Therefore, it is a good food for small children and pregnant women. Foxtail Millet give good rest for stomach related diseases. It is 

a good medicine for many diseases like abdominal pain, burning sensation during urination, loss of appetite, diarrhea etc. Due to the high amount of protein and iron, it is a good medicine for the prevention of anemia. It also prevents constipation. In rural areas, due to fever, drinking cow’s buttermilk and sleeping covered with a sheet, to reduce the disease. This belief stems from the experience of the people. Heart diseases, anemia, obesity, joint pain, bleeding, burn wounds can be eaten for instant reduction. Food is considered a security for health.

Browntop milletBrowntop millet

Browntop millet is one of the traditional crops. It has to be cooked after soaking for at least four hours. Can be used to reduce intestinal and joint pain, blood pressure, thyroid gland problems, eye problems, obesity. Similarly, it is also very useful for the treatment of epilepsy, piles, fissure problem, ulcers, brain, blood, breast, bone, stomach, vein and skin related cancer diseases.

Barnyard Millet (Sanwa)Barnyard Millet Sanwa

Barnyard Millet (Sanwa)remains sweet in taste. The diet made from it is nutritious and easily digestible. That’s why it is used more during fasting in North India. In Uttarakhand, Nepal, its diet is given to both mother and child because due to the high amount of iron in it, anemia is reduced and milk is produced. This nutritious diet maintains the body temperature. Increases immunity power. This is a very good food for those who work long hours without physical labor. Due to the high fiber content in it, it is a good food for constipation and diabetes. If you are suffering from diseases like ulcers mainly in the small intestine, cancer in the large intestine, then you can take food made from Barnyard Millet (Sanwa)

Kodo Millet Kodo Millet

The taste of Kodo Millet is sweet, bitter, astringent. Due to having more nutrients, good food for children contains more vitamins and minerals. Digestive power is food. Prevents fatal diseases like cancer from coming. Immunity is inherent. Maintains balanced blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This food gives a lot of power to the participants in the race competition. If these are consumed by mixing them with other pulses (gram, cowpea), then maximum nutrients will be available for the body. It is a good food for reducing body weight due to the high content of nutrients. Kodo Millet is beneficial for providing relief from problems caused by some chronic diseases and for reducing swelling. It is beneficial for rheumatism, for women who do not have menstruation and for diabetes patients, for the strength of the nerves of the eyes.

Little MilletLittle Millet

Little Millet remains sweet. Many health problems can be overcome by taking it in the form of food. It is a good medicine for problems like burning sensation in the chest after meals, sour belching, flatulence due to Pitta. Beneficial for infectious diseases, diarrhoea, indigestion, increase of spermatozoa of men, menstrual problems of women etc. Constipation can be prevented by the nutritious substances contained in them. It is a good reliever for migraine problems. It is a nutritious diet for heart problems, for obesity, for joint pain.

Finger Millet/ Ragi/Mandua

Ragi Maduwa

Finger Millet simple grain known by many names, has become everyones favorite grain as soon as its nutritional value is known. Wheat has become expensive in todays consumer market. A multinational company has also started making its own biscuits, which means that the popularity of Mandua is increasing and its production is also being promoted. Consuming it keeps you young, lowers your bad cholesterol if you have high cholesterol, and protects against heart disease. Finger Millet is also known as Madua, Marua, Madwa, Mandwa, Madua flour or ragi.

“A Complete Health From Cereals” Health Talks

“A Complete Health From Cereals”Foxtail Millet, Browntop Millet, Little Millet, Barnyard Millet, Kodo Millet are boons given to us by nature. Foods with medicinal properties. Not only that there are health pills. Eating these can keep diseases away from six months to 12 months. Nutrients keep the body healthy by removing germs and other problems from the body along with nutrients. By this man gets good health.

Which cereal cures which disease?

  1. Foxtail Millet : Relieves mental stress, swelling of joints, Parkinson’s and it helps meet the calcium and phosphorus needs of the body for combating brittle bones, inflammation, osteoporosis, arthritis and spondylitis.
  2. Finger Millet(Mandwa/ Ragi): Anemia by purifying the blood, diabetes due to preventive power, away from constipation, good sleep.
  3. Little Millet (Moraiyo/Kutki/ Shavan/Sama): Kaleya, kidney, endocrine (glands), reducing cholesterol etc.
  4. Browntop millet: Reduce intestinal and joint pain, blood pressure, thyroid gland problems, eye problems, obesity. Similarly, it is also very useful for the treatment of epilepsy, piles, fissure problem, ulcers, brain, blood, breast, bone, stomach, vein and skin related cancer diseases.
  5. Barnyard Millet (Sanwa): Due to the high fiber content in it, it is a good food for constipation and diabetes. If you are suffering from diseases like ulcers mainly in the small intestine, cancer in the large intestine.
  6. Kodo Millet: Maintains balanced blood sugar and cholesterol levels, beneficial for rheumatism, for women who do not have menstruation and for diabetes patients, for the strength of the nerves of the eyes. 

How can it be used?

Millets ought to be cooked solely after dousing for four hours. Rest of the grains can be cooked in the wake of drenching them for no less than two hours. Assuming there is time, you can douse the main day around evening time. All grains ought not be utilized together.

They ought to be cooked and eaten independently. Eating it together won’t fill any need. The people who have no sort of medical conditions can utilize one kind of oat like clockwork. Following two days different grains can be utilized. In this manner these five kinds of grains must be taken in a steady progression. The 11th day must be begun from the main top of the primary day.

You should accept decoction alongside these. Individuals with actual issues can involve specific oats for longer span in the head cereals adjusted to their concerns.

Those experiencing more than one illness should cook the fundamental grains one day openly, then the principal chose grains should be required in a steady progression in three days.

For instance, an individual experiencing diabetes and kidney issues ought to eat, Koda for three days and Sanwa for three days and the other three kinds of grains one day each. In the event that there is prostate issue alongside this issue, in the wake of eating normal rice for three days, the leftover two cereals can be eaten one day each. Rice, wheat, flour, milk, sugar, espresso, tea, iodized salt, non-veggie lover, refined oils ought to be stayed away from. It ought to be followed routinely. Curd and buttermilk, ocean salt, oilseed oil can be utilized.

Anemia: Three days Kodo Millet, three days Barnyard Millet (Sanwa) rice has to be eaten three times a day. After that, three grains each should be eaten thrice a day for three days. Along with this, carrot, amla, guava or beetroot juice will have to be taken in the morning. Grind 20 curry leaves with 1 glass of buttermilk in the evening and after 15-20 minutes, consume that juice one hour before meals, anemia can be removed in a month.

We can cook all kinds of dishes from these grains. All kinds of dishes made from rice and wheat can also be made from them. It is very tasty. By adding 5-6 times of water, after soaking 4-5 times, the grains can be cooked in the form of starch and can be taken by any age group at any time of the day.

Thyroid: Those who have this problem, cook Sama rice for three days, one day Kodain, one day Sanva, one day Kangni, one day small Kangni and eat the same three times a day. Again rice of Sama should be eaten for three days, and one grain each for the next four days. Along with this decoction of fenugreek leaves, decoction of mint leaves for one week and juice of betel leaf will have to be taken two to three times a day for a week. If we take three spoons of coconut oil brought from the granary in the morning for three months, we can stop all kinds of medicines in 20 weeks. Don’t forget to “walk” every day.

The quality of any food item will depend on the performance of the nutrients and carbohydrates contained in it. If their result is less than 10, then they come under the diet with the power to reduce diseases. This performance ranges from 5.5 to 8.8. In rice this yield lasts up to 385. There is not much difference in this performance even in raw rice and wheat.

The substance made from white flour gets converted into glucose in the blood within 10 minutes. The chemical used in flour preparation damages the chyme gland.

Normally, there is 6 to 7 grams of glucose in the blood (total 4 to 5 liters) in our body. After eating, it is digested and finally converted into glucose, glucose accumulates inside the blood and spreads throughout the body. But reaching a higher scale in one go in 10 minutes or in 30-40 minutes is injurious to health. Older people, people with diabetes, people with other diseases (constipation, unconsciousness, triglycerides, high blood pressure, bladder patients, heart patients, etc.) are even more dangerous.

That’s why things like flour which have less fiber and no fiber at all should be kept away. Legumes should be used, they generate glucose inside the blood on a small scale for 5 to 7 hours.

The specialty of the grains is that it is a natural fiber substance, because of which the grains are the most beneficial. Eating three times a day, a person needs 25-30 grams of dietary fiber [38 grams of dietary fiber per day is required for every human being.] is available from these grass grains. The remaining 10 grams can be obtained from vegetables and green leafy vegetables.

Each grain has specific immunity power according to physical needs. Even though the fiber content in rice and wheat remains from 0.2 to 1.2, when it remains on the upper layer of those grains, it goes away by polishing the grains. But we can remain healthy due to the presence of fiber material in the grains in the form of small layers in the seeds. 

  1. Foxtail Millet/ Kangni rice contains 8 percent fiber as well as 12 percent nutrients in equivalent food. This is a good food for pregnant women. Constipation that occurs naturally while the baby is growing in the womb can be overcome. Due to diseases in children, they keep fainting. it becomes eternal. Foxtail Millet helps to prevent epilepsy, fainting condition, weakness related to nerves etc. This Kangni rice (with codas) is useful for curing diseases like skin related diseases, cure diseases, oral cancer, lung cancer, stomach cancer, parkinson’s disease, asthma.
  2. Koda Rice -blood purification, bone weakness, asthma, difficulty in breathing, kidney, prostate, blood cancer, intestinal and thyroid problems, sore throat, dry cough, pancreatic problems, liver problems and reducing cancer. For, it is helpful in blood purification in weak people suffering from diseases like gangrene due to diabetes, dengue virus, fever, typhoid.
  3. Little Millet- Rice treats diseases that occur in the male and female genitals, can reduce PCOD in women. Increases sperm count in men. Apart from this, for the purification of human’s lymph gland, for the control of cancer of brain, throat, blood cancer, thyroid, pancreatic glands, using common rice will be useful.
  4. Barnyard Millet rice – for thyroid, pancreatic glands. Cures diabetes. Beneficial for liver, bladder problems, gallbladder purification. Reduces jaundice and confirms liver even after arrival. It is beneficial in reducing liver, uterine cancers
  5. Browntop millet-It is very useful for the treatment of swelling ulcers, brain, blood, breasts, bones, stomach, nerves, skin related cancers.

10 ways to drive away the hollow sweetness

Chronic diseases take away the joys of life. We have to control our health through good food. Millets without polish gives us strength. Health remains fine through them. The body also gets excited and transmits energy from a healthy body.

  1. Only cereals containing 8 to 12.5% fiber content have to be taken as staple food. Every day only one grain should be taken in breakfast, lunch and dinner. Five such types of grains should be eaten one by one every day. It is advisable to inform family members.
  2. It is necessary to walk for 50 to 70 minutes daily.
  3. Mostly green leafy vegetables and organic food should be taken.
  4. The use of moringa or drumstick leaves, beans, fenugreek, aloe vera, okra, guava should be increased. The juice of guava and mango leaves should be drunk in the morning.
  5. Use of milk should be stopped. Curd, buttermilk should be taken. Packaged foods should be kept away.
  6. 6. One should stay away from flour, substances made from flour and refined oils. Oils made from wooden instruments or organic cold pressed oils should be used.
  7. Excitement and anger have to be controlled.
  8. Things made of rice, wheat, flour should be kept away from the least. should or should
  9. We should save ourselves from readymade foods of fructose corn syrup, white sugar on HFCS.
  10. Diabetes-2 but negligence is not right. Rules should be followed to keep this disease away forever. If there is a disease, one has to fight by changing the lifestyle by taking the right diet. Instead of getting blood tests done before and after meals, etc., diabetes should be detected in a scientific and correct method by getting HbA1C readings checked in 4 months or 6 months.

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