What will the great jobs of the future be like?

What’s your dream job?

What will the great jobs of the future be like?

If you do not get a job, it means that God is preparing you to become the boss again.

By the way, the best and best work in the world is self-employment, because people like Elon Musk have reached such heights today, it is possible only through self-employment, not with the help of a job, yet if you want to do a job, then where we are with you. For this, we have brought some selected fields in which you can make your future.Some of the future jobs are as follows-

Computer Vision Engineer: In this field, data based on digital image or graphical video is analysed. On an average a fresher gets a package of more than Rs 5 lakh per annum and can earn up to Rs 15 lakh per annum. During Covid 19, a lot of potential has been seen in this field.

Data Architect: A data architect installs and configures information systems for a company. Also receives work information for the company. Its demand is increasing day by day in the field of research, it analyses the infrastructure related requirements for the development of new software and applications and gives its output. A data architect with skills like big data and data mining gets a salary of up to Rs 30, ,tr lakh.

VFX Artist ÷ Visual-effects artist is in demand in every sector. By the way, placement is easily available in the movie and media industry as no film is complete without a VFX artist. You must have seen the movie Avatar. It has become so beautiful only because of visual-effects.
VFX Artist will get an annual package of more than Rs 7 lakh.

Wireless Network Specialist: Since the world is from 4G to 5G, the network industry is growing and changing rapidly, so the demand for experts will also increase day by day. They are also called System Support Specialists. His salary is 10 to 15 lakh rupees annually.

Embedded System Program: It is a combination of hardware and mechanics. Many companies are hiring embedded system programmers to develop embedded computers, due to which a good growth has been seen in it. A fresher gets a package of Rs 5 lakh per annum in this job.

Automobile Analytics Engineer ÷ In 2023, there will be a lot of growth in the automobile industry as well. Now automobiles are moving towards electric leaving dependence on petrol. With this, the demand for analytical engineer will increase. A fresher can get an annual package of Rs 8 lakh in this field.

3-D Printing Technology ÷ This is a new technology that is being used in manufacturing that gives an impression of reality. The main job of a 3D printing technician is to monitor the printing process and make daily schedules for the printers. Freshers in this field can start their career with a package of more than Rs 7 lakh per annum.

Data Scientist: The data that you were seeing during the Corona period has become possible only because of the hard work of the data scientist. Companies rely more on Data Scientists. This is essential for their growth. Data scientists study the data and tell them useful things, which along with the growth of the business makes it strong. The salary of a Data Scientist is at least Rs 10 lakh per annum.

Here we are giving a list of some upcoming jobs according to which you can make your career.

◊ Augmented Reality Architect
◊ Autonomous Vehicle Operator
◊ Avatar Relationship Manager
◊ Chef-Farmer (Agri-Restaurant)
◊ Chief Experience Officer
◊ Digital Identity Planner
◊ Digital Archaeologist
◊ Energy Harvester
◊ Environmental Health Nurse
◊ Financial Technologist
◊ Future Guide
◊ Global Sourcing Manager
◊ Global System Architect
◊ Field Researcher
◊ Green Career Coach
◊ Healer
◊ Office Concierge
◊ Online Community Organizer
◊ Organizational Quartermaster
◊ Personal Brand Manager
◊ Personal Care Coordinator
◊ Plant Psychologist
◊ Post-Normal Jobs Counselor
◊ Resident Technician
◊ Seed Capitalist
◊ Smart Road Designer/Engineer
◊ Talent Aggregator
◊ Terabyte (Lifelogger)
◊ Transhumanist Consultant
◊ Wiki author

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What will the great jobs of the future be like?

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