Langar | True Story of Punjabi

An interesting incident happened yesterday. A man was eating dal roti in a hotel. He was an elder of a good family. After dinner when it was time to pay the bill he said that he had left his purse at home and he would be back in a while to pay the bill. Sardarji sitting at the counter said, “No problem, give it when the money comes” and he left.

When the waiter saw this, he told Sardarji sitting at the counter that this man has done this in two-three hotels before and this money never comes.

To this Sardarji said, “He has gone only after eating dal-roti, not kofte, paneer paneer. He didn’t eat to fill his stomach, only to satisfy his hunger. He didn’t consider it a hotel. He came mistaking it for a gurudwara, and we don’t take money for Punjabi langar.

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