The foolish stork is easier for a crocodile moth to reclaim its food

The yellow-billed bird was fishing in Tanzania’s The Seloυs Game Reserve where it came from was pouring water over the head of a tigerfish. A four-metre-logged reptile appeared, which was in the shallows as it scooped up food and its beak.

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For a split second, it appeared as if the stork has entangled in the action, its head close to the animals jaw. Fortunately, the crocodile avoided catching the bird and released it for fishing.

image 102

Working as a safari guide, Mark Sheridan Johnson captured the magnificence of the pictures. The 35-year-old claimed, ‘I saw the stork playing with the water, which was the head of a tigerfish.’ While messing with the fish’s head, the stork caught the attention of a yoga crocodile, which swims fast enough to catch the bird’s food.

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As the crocodile found the fish, the stork recognized that the conflict was over and opted to go fishing with the crocodile. A stork’s diet consists mainly of pungent fish, which they eat entirely.

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The photographer did not say that it was normal to see crocodiles with stork fish ears. “They know that the crocodile that walks along the shore of the lake will drive away the fish, which the stork will catch,” he said.

image 105

Likewise, you’ll see different bird species side by side, such as the yellow-billed stork and the spoonbill. This is colo as in a “lentil approach”.

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