Monkey and Baya| Preaching to a fool does its own harm

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A Baya used to live on a tree. She lived a comfortable life in her nest.

A monkey also lived on that tree.

He used to sleep here and there without a home.

One day it rained a lot.

The monkey was feeling sad because of the cold wind.

He was completely drenched.

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Story: Monkey and Baya

Baya sat hiding in her nest.

The rain had no effect on him.

After the rain ended, Baya explained to the monkey and said – “Monkey brother.

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Story: Monkey and Baya

If you had built a house like me, you would not have got wet in the rain like this today, nor would you have been in bad condition in the cold.

If you believe me, you too Build a house and start living like a human being.”

The monkey listened to Baya.

He felt Baya teasing him.

The monkey turned red with anger.

In no time, he broke Baya’s nest as well.

While teasing her, he said, “The elder has come to explain to me.

Now I will see where you live.

” Baya saw her nest being destroyed.

She was left after drinking a sip of blood.

At last Baya said to the monkey once again – Monkey brother! I will make my nest again.

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Story: Monkey and Baya

Yes, I have got a lesson that ‘convincing a fool leads to one’s own loss.

We should explain to someone who is sensible. Saying this, Baya flew away from that tree and started living far away by building a nest on another tree.

Education: Preaching to a fool does its own harm.

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