Amazing Story Of Love | A Female Teacher Got Her Gender Changed For The Sake Of Love | Married His Own Student

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The news we are telling you today is not a story but the truth of a true love, which is an incident from Rajasthan, a state of India, after reading which you will start saying that in reality there is neither any caste nor true love. Neither religion nor any gender discrimination

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Amazing Story Of Love

In details

Let us tell all of you that in Bharatpur district of Rajasthan, India, a physical teacher fell in love with her own student and she says that so for the sake of growing love, she changed her gender and became a boy from a girl and she made her own student. Not only in Rajasthan but in the whole of India, she has made headlines by marrying her. Today this incident has created an atmosphere of discussion all over India.

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Amazing Story Of Love

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As we have come to know from today’s headlines that a physical teacher named Meera Deeg was working in the Government Secondary School of Moti Ka Nagla of the sub-division. Meera Deeg taught the game of Kabaddi to one of her school students named Kalpana and also took Kalpana to play the game of Kabaddi at the state level. In the meantime, the closeness with his imagination increased, now it was going beyond their passion, it seemed almost impossible to stay away from each other and the love increased. Response action starting from 2019 and up to 2021. Meera updated her name after the season of Gerund. Take care of her love for these three years. The child playing on November 4 with the consent of the family of the family. that physical teacher Meera changed gender to become a boy. And two day before he (she) got married to his student Kalpana.

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Amazing Story Of Love

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Meera says that she always looks like a boy

The teacher said, “I wanted to change the gender from the beginning. I was born as a girl but I thought that I am a boy and not a girl. So I got my gender changed. In 2012 I read in a news That someone has done gender change, since then I thought where and how all this would happen. Only then through YouTube I came to know that there is a doctor in Delhi who does gender change surgery. I went there and got my treatment, 2019 The treatment started and the last surgery took place in 2021 and married my student Kalpana 2 days back. Now our family members are happy.”

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Amazing Story Of Love

What to say of the bride fantasy

The bride Kalpana told that, “My physical teacher in my school was Meera who has fed me sports since class 10th. My sport is Kabaddi and whatever I am today is because of Aarav who became my husband. I am from the very beginning. I wanted him and I was ready to marry him even if he didn’t do his surgery. It was also in our mind that what people would say we were guru and shishya guru married shishya. Spoke to me and the family agreed. My husband got his gender changed, he became a boy. We were in love, so we got married 2 days ago.” God has accepted our prayer, now we are very happy.

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Amazing Story Of Love

By the way, everyone has been in love with someone, for which they cross all limits, if such an incident has happened in your life, then you can share it with us.
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