Philadelphia Eagles 31, 49ers 7


The Philadelphia  Eagles  defeated  the  San  Francisco  49ers 7 in the playoffs to  advance  to the  Super  Bowl  where  they  will  face  the winner of the  Cincinnati  or  Kansas City game.

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Game Recap: Eagles 31, 49ers 7

Tensions are  high  as  Trent Williams and  K’Von  Wallace ejected

The 49ers’ frustration  has erupted.

After  a  6-yard  run  by  Christian  McCaffrey,  a  scrum  ensued  at  midfield  that culminated in  K’Von  Wallace  and  Trent  Williams throwing  punches  that resulted in  both  players  being  ejected.

Safety  Reed  Blankenship  forced  a  Deebo  Samuel  fumble  and  recovered it as  play resumed.

The  Eagles  start  to  pull starters and  extend  lead  to 31-7.

After a turnover on downs, the Eagles went to the ground with eight consecutive runs

All by Kenneth Gainwell – to set up a 31-yard Jake Elliott field goal with 5:17 remaining in the game.

All-Pro tackle Lane Johnson was pulled off the Eagles by the Eagles before the drivedrive, Left guard Landon Dickerson left  with an undisclosed injury after leaving the field.

Avonte Maddox and Fletcher Cox stop 49ers on fourth down.

After being  down  28-7  early  in  the  fourth  quarter, the 49ers  went  for  it  on  4th-and-2  from  their  own 47, after going for it on 4th-and-2.
Wide  receiver  Deebo  Samuel  took  the  handoff  and  was  swarmed  by  Fletcher  Cox  and  Avonte  Maddox  for  a  loss  of  4  with  10:52 remaining  in  the game, with  quarterback  Brock  Purdy  unable  to  throw  due  to  his  elbow  injury  and  Josh  Johnson  officially  out  with  a concussion.

Eagles  extend  lead  to  28-7  as  Jalen  Hurts  gets  going  on  the field.

the 49ers’ offense limited by Brock Purdy’s elbow injury, the Eagles nursed the ball  for a 15-play, 91-yard drive that lasted 7:50  and ended with a quarterback sneak by Jalen  Hurts to make it 28-7 with 43 seconds remaining in the third quarter.
bonus. On the 49ers, a roughing the kicker penalty extended the drive, then  Hurts ran for 12 yards, 2 yards, and 14 yards on consecutive plays. after 49ers safety Talanoa Hufanga pushed Hurts after being out of bounds, giving  the third play  a bonus.

The Eagles’ fourth  rushing  touchdown set  a single-game playoff record.
Hurts scored  his  15th  rushing  touchdown  of  the  season,  including  playoffs, and  the  most  by  a  quarterback  in  NFL  history.

Josh  Johnson was called  out  of  the  game  by  the referees, but  Brock Purdy was reinstated

Defensive  tackle  Ndamukong  Suh  knocked  quarterback  Josh  Johnson  to  the ground on the first  drive  of  the  third quarter.

Johnson had  to  be  evaluated  for  a  head injury, according to the referees. Brock  Purdy  re-entered  the  game  for  the  first  time  since  the  49ers’ first  drive.

49ers vs. Eagles | NFC Championship

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