Bouncing back after job rejection

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Getting rejected from a job you wanted can feel frustrating and disappointing, writes, giving tips on how to “bounce back stronger.” Once you’ve dealt with your emotions and accepted the rejection, ask for detailed feedback and take some time to reflect on it, she suggests. Then adjust your interview strategy accordingly and practice.

Been rejected after a job interview? Feel frustrated, despondent, dejected? Here's some ways to bounce back and be stronger

It’s hard! It’s so disappointing, especially when you have prepared so much, researched everything, practiced all the questions and thought you did really well on the day.

What a blow! You were really looking forward to a new change in a different job.

What more could you do?!

It’s no consolation, but it is bound to happen, especially when you think of the number of candidates who are interviewed for each job.

I hated rejecting people especially when they were great candidates, I felt so bad. I’ve been there myself and I knew just how they were going to feel.

If you’ve had a rejection after interview, here’s a few points that may help you:

Feel the rejection and recognise that the way you feel is totally normal. Keep it in perspective though, these emotions will pass and you will start to feel better soon.

Accept it (acceptance is part of the moving on process), reframe it, don’t take it personally, there’ll be all sorts of reasons you are not the right candidate for the role and this isn’t in your control.

Ask for detailed feedback. The interviewer may give this to you but if you work with a recruiter they definitely will and this information is so valuable.

If you get feedback, reflect on it, there may be room for improvement and actionable steps for you to work on.

Review your interview strategy, are you applying for the right roles? Those that truly fit your skills and knowledge-set? Do you actually have the right skills and experience? You may need to reflect on this, particularly if you keep getting rejections.

Practice your interview technique with a friend, get

them to challenge you and give you honest feedback.

Be philosophical, draw a line under the rejection, look to develop your resilience, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and try again.

We have all suffered the frustration and upset when we have received the bad news of a rejection at interview and have to go ‘back to square one’.

But overcoming this disappointment and moving forward with a positive mindset, a strong job search strategy and self-belief will really help your chances in securing your next new role.

What’s your best way of coping after interview rejection?

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