Complain on INGRAM if goods are not returned in online shopping


For the last few years, the craze of online shopping is increasing rapidly. People have started ordering everything from clothes to mobile phones online. Because of this, many fake companies send substandard goods instead of the goods shown online. When consumers return them, companies don’t even return them. Not only this, cases of cheating are also being seen many times during online shopping. In such a situation, a little awareness can save the consumers from loss and fraud.

Q. What to do to avoid any kind of fraud and loss during online shopping?

Ans. It is most important for this, to shop on a well-known website. Never do purchasing by clicking on unknown links after seeing the goods available on social media.

Q. After shopping, with the help of many online websites, goods are not returned, what to do?

Ans. Always buy from well known e-commerce site only. If there is a defect in the product, give an online request to the company for the return within the stipulated time. In case of non-return of goods, you can also contact the helpline number of the site from which you have purchased.

Q. Where to complain if there is no hearing on the site from where shopping is done?

Ans. For this you can also register your complaint in the Government’s Grievance Redressal Portal INGRAM (Integrated Grievance Redressal System).

Q. At the time of shopping after online payment many times the product is not available or things like junk, stone, potato are found in an empty box. What to do in such a situation?

Ans. In such a situation, the victim can register his complaint on the consumer affairs site

Q. What to do about online fraud?

Ans. In case of fraud, first of all report it on the concerned e-commerce website only. A complaint can also be lodged by calling the customer care of the company. If you don’t get the solution, you can also go directly to the consumer court. In case of cyber crime, you can also complain to the regional cyber police.

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