The changing nature of Holi | My childhood and today’s Holi.

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When I was studying in eighth grade, I had come to my village to play Holi, at that time the whole village used to start preparing for Holi a month in advance, at the time of Holika Dahan, everyone from children to elders started preparing for Holi. Used to go Danced on the songs of Jogira.

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The next day Holi i.e. Dhulendi, our Holi used to start after noon, the whole group of elders used to sing Fagua songs from house to house, the whole village used to sing and dance. The troupe used to sing and dance from house to house and people used to welcome them with home made dishes and had fun singing Jogira with Abir Gulal.

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Now after 25 years, when I have come to my village on Holi, the same childhood memories were troubling my mind. Everything has changed here now, the form of Holi has also changed, instead of dhol and jhal, obscene songs of DJ have been taken, which is liked by the youth the most. The fagua of the elderly is over now, meat and alcohol are being consumed instead of the dish.

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Remembering our elders and their Holi on the day of Holi, their memories are making our eyes moist, really we have become modern, instead of Holi’s sweet pudding, dumpling, today people like the bitterness of alcohol, Hundreds of chickens and goats are being slaughtered for the village people at the village head’s house, which will be fed to the youth of the village with wine in the evening and the village head will get his applause and the title of being the best from the village people will go.

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Just as my childhood, my elders and my Holi have ended, similarly my youth is also ending, after a few days I will also end, but the pain will remain in my heart.

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