Five things of Kabaddi

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“Kabaddi also teaches you that in our life there is a time limit of 30 seconds like in Kabaddi but only those who are ready to take the raid are successful, it depends on you whether you are ready for it or not”.

Playing Kabaddi has always been an important part of childhood for people like me and many of you too.

This is a game that we all can relate to in our real life. The most important lesson I learned from this that I want to share with you all is how to deal with problems in real life. I knew when to speak and when to keep quiet, when to attack and when to defend.

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Five things of Kabaddi that every person should own:

Teamwork: Kabaddi teaches you to perform as a team. Why team work is called dream work and how to be a team player?

On-Field Creativity: As the saying goes, “with every new project comes new difficulties,” your challenges are not going to be the same. Therefore, it is most essential to have critical thinking skills and be innovative.

Taking appropriate decisions: Sometimes you are faced with difficulties which are beyond your expertise but still taking decisions

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Appropriate decision making: Sometimes you are faced with difficulties which are beyond your expertise but still you take decision which is best for you and your team which you do.

Understanding the Situation: When problems arise, we often react to them without thinking, but Kabaddi teaches us to understand, assess and act on the whole scenario.

Always bounce back: Failures can result in comebacks, failures can result in success and any problem you face can be solved only if you have a fighting attitude. Never give up, no matter how bad the situation is.

“If you ain’t dead yet, you ain’t over yet” sums up this game and life in one line.

I have always believed that sports can be your best helper in difficult times of life.

What sports do you play and what have you learned from them? If you want, you can tell us by commenting.

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