Father’s Sacrifice for Son | A Story of Father

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When a man was about forty-five years old, his wife died. People advised for second marriage but he refused saying that I have a gift given by my wife in the form of a son, because of this my whole life will be spent well.

When the son became an adult, he handed over all the business to the son. Sometimes he himself used to spend time sitting in the office of his friends.

He became even more determined after his son’s marriage. The whole house was handed over to the daughter-in-law.

About a year after the son’s marriage, we were having dinner in the afternoon, the son had also come from the office to have lunch and was preparing to eat after washing his hands and face.

He heard that the father asked the daughter-in-law for curd along with the food, then the daughter-in-law replied that there is no curd in the house today. Papa went to office after having food.

After some time the son sat down to eat with his wife. There was also a cup full of curd in the food. The son did not answer and went to the office himself after having food.

After a few days the son said to his father – “Papa, today you have to go to court, you are going to get married today.”

The father looked at the son with surprise and said- “Son, I don’t need a wife and I love you so much that maybe you don’t even need a mother, then why second marriage?”

The son said, ‘Father, I am neither bringing a mother for myself nor a wife for you.
*I am arranging curd for you only.*

From tomorrow I will stay with your daughter-in-law in a rented house and take salary as an employee in your office so that your daughter-in-law can know the price of curd.

*-Parents for us*
*ATM card can be made,*

So we for them
* Identity card can be made.

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