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Story : Crane and Jackal

It was a long time ago that a crane and a jackal lived together in a forest. Both of them used to talk about happiness and sorrow together, they were good friends, but both of them did not get along with each other. The jackal was very clever and stingy, he knew how to take things from others. Being selfish, he did not like to give something to anyone from his side. One day when both of them were talking together, they made a plan to go to each other’s house and have a meal. The jackal first invited the stork to his house for a meal.

The jackal knew how to eat but not how to feed. He thought what kind of thing should I make which tastes good and cannot be eaten. She thought of making kheer. Because kheer will look good and the stork will not be able to eat it easily. The next day the stork came to his friend’s house. He looked very happy because of his innocent nature. The jackal was very clever. Seeing the stork coming home, he started talking smooth to keep him happy. At the time of the meal, he invited the stork friend to the feast. The jackal deliberately served kheer in a wide plate. Both the friends started eating kheer. The jackal kept eating kheer with great pleasure and praised his kheer as well. Sometimes the stork would look at its beak and sometimes it would look at the kheer served on the plate. Kheer did not come in the beak of the stork. He kept on repenting after eating each and every grain of rice. On the other hand, the jackal himself ate all the kheer with pleasure.

The stork wanted to teach the jackal a lesson. The next day, when the jackal came to blow the feast, the stork also welcomed him with great love. At the time of the meal, the stork served kheer in a long and tight-necked jug and said – Come brother, the food is ready. You like kheer, don’t eat it with pleasure. The stork put its long beak in the jug and kept on praising the rice pudding with pleasure. The jackal’s mouth could not go into the jug. Sometimes he would look at the kheer lying in the jug and sometimes he would regret his actions. He left from there feeling ashamed. You will fill the district as you do.

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