Brian Walshe, the husband of the missing woman, had sought information about the dismemberment of a body || Husband of missing Massachusetts woman found ’10 ways to dispose of dead body’ according to prosecutors says


According to the newspapers, Brian Walshe allegedly committed the heinous act of murdering his own wife, Anna Walshe, for whatever reason. Thereafter, the Massachusetts-based criminal dismembered her body. According to reports, he also searched on the son’s iPad how and where to dispose of the dead body.

Anna Walshe

Walshe allegedly committed the heinous crime to end their marriage, which is hard to believe and destroys trust in relationships. This thing came to the fore during the hearing of Brian Walshe on Wednesday. Walshe’s wife went missing on January 1.

The team of investigators has recovered 10 bags from the garbage dump containing blood-stained clothes, personal belongings, blood-stained carpet, axe. They even found Brian Walshe’s wife Ana Walshe’s Covid-19 vaccination certificate and her neck part which is going to give goosebumps.

Investigation after forensic examination revealed that the blood belonged to both Brian and Anna Walshe.

Prosecutors say Brian Walshe, the husband of a missing Massachusetts woman, discovered ’10 Ways to Dispose of a Dead Body’ – including “10 Ways to Dispose of a Dead Body If You Really Need to” and “How to Stun A body”. did the following Google searches on her son’s iPad: “how long before a body starts to stink,” “how to stop a body from decomposing,” “how to wrap a body,” “disposing of a dead body” 10 Ways to Live”, “If You Really Need To,” “How Long Should Someone Miss an Inheritance,” and “Can You Throw Away Body Parts?”

According to the criminal complaint, Brian Walshe has been charged with assault and beating his wife with intent to murder, as well as moving her body or remains. He pleaded not guilty to the


  1. Who is Brian Walshe?
    Brain Walshe Massachusetts-based art swindler and accused of the killing his wife.
  2. Did Brian Walshe kill his wife?
    Brian Walshe was accused of killing his wife, Investigation going on.
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