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Once upon a time, King Lion set up a factory in the forest…..!!

The only worker in it was a small ant who used to come to the office on time and used to do all the work of the factory alone with great hard work and dedication.

Lion’s business was running very systematically and he was getting profits continuously.

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One day the lion thought that this single ant is doing such a beautiful job, if I keep it under the supervision of an expert, it can do even better work, which can increase the profit even more.

As soon as this thought came to mind, the lion appointed a bee as its manager.

Bee had a lot of work experience and was also very clever in writing reports.

The bee told the lion that first of all we have to make a timetable for the work of the ant. Then I would need a separate secretary to keep all the records of his work properly.

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The lion appointed the rabbit as secretary.

The lion liked the work of the bee. He said to report all the work done by the ant so far and guide the progress made by making a beautiful graph.

The bee said ok, but I would need computer, laser printer and projector for this.

For all this, the lion made a computer department and appointed the cat as its surveyor.

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Now instead of doing his work, Ant started focusing only on making paper reports, due to which his work went backward and eventually the production of the factory decreased.

The lion thought that a technical expert should be kept in the company who could give his opinion on the advice of the bee.

Thinking like this, he appointed the monkey as a technical expert.

Now whatever work was given to the ant, she would try to do it with all her might, but due to excessive pressure from above, if the work was never completed, she would be forced to leave it incomplete and go to her home.

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When the lion started getting losses continuously, he became very restless. Seeing no solution, in compulsion, he appointed an auditor to find out the reason for the loss to the owl.

Three months later, the owl handed over his detailed and highly confidential report to the lion, in which he told that the number of workers in the factory is high and to reduce the company’s losses, the employees have to be laid off immediately.

Now you think very seriously who will be fired….???

It is obvious that only the ant will be removed..!

Perhaps this rule and ideology is running rampant in every sector of the whole world.

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Those who are working day and night with full hard work, honesty, loyalty and dedication, they are being unnecessarily harassed by the management, they are constantly being harassed, their CR is being spoiled, they are being mentally harassed.

Yes, they are being forced out of work and those who are far away from hard work and are just flattering the owner or the management, are having a lot of fun and are progressing day by day…….

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