Support the first burqa and this advice to the granddaughter!

Support the first burqa and this advice to the granddaughter!

‘Be a mother without marriage, I have no problem: Jaya Bachchan gives advice to granddaughter, says physical relationship is necessary

Today Azam Khan,
We must be laughing at all, he must be thinking that I had only told the color of the kutchi, but this Jaya only told her granddaughter to live a free life.
Giving advice.

People associated with the art world should not be taken seriously.
Only stupid people make heroes.
In the olden days, they were usually nomadic, they were kept outside the village where they used to camp.
They were not even allowed to be crossed. Show off your art, take the reward and go
Neither did they give advice nor did they have any status in the customs and policies of the society.
Their mutual relations were quite complex, which they did not allow to dominate their art.
The bigger the artist, the more addicted the bald adulterer.
He understood his helplessness and society also did not interfere in his personal life.
Singers, dancers, jugglers, dancers, etc. could not mix in civilized society.
His art compels him so much that all this has to be done.
Film artist Mehmood used to act as well as laugh, later went home and cried as much. This is necessary to avoid depression. Later he became addicted to marijuana and died a painful death in America.
These people entertain to feed. Distortions are natural. There is no wise meditator or yogi ascetic to digest fame.
Those who do this also understand mainstream society like the artists of South India.
Otherwise, intoxication, lust, illicit relations, abusing and ludicrous acts are their nature.
That’s why they used to keep their camp on the side of the city settlement, abusing them after drinking alcohol at night, beating women as they were in the morning!
Therefore, they should not be given respect or more money, otherwise they become the moneylenders of the society and ruin the generation with malpractices.
There are local artists in almost every village in Rajasthan and they are of a very high class, but you will find all the liquorice or opiumchi. Even their small children do all the intoxicants that are in the world.
Our ancestors had taken these decisions very thoughtfully that as a human, they would respect them very much, would also manage their livelihood, would give full encouragement to their art, but their opinion would not be taken in the family, cultural decisions. Won’t even ask.
So there is no difference between them and Bollywood actors except only the arrival of money.
They suck the liquor bags and fall on the garbage dump and they keep the sudsy champs of hashish in their flat or car.
Never mind, you eat, drink, commit adultery, it is your compulsion, all this will work for good art, but please don’t give advice!!

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