Sonnet: When I become

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When I become a cloud,
And cover the sky,
You become a whirlwind,
take me far away in the fields.

When I become a blossom,
In your beautiful garden,
You become a whirlpool,
Sing me a sweet tune.

When I become a crop,
In your field,
Then you downpour,
Like drops on me.

When I become of the forest,
You become spring,
with its sweet greenery,
you make my life colorful.

When I become your path,
You become the destination,
To a stray passerby,
Lead new the way.

We both stayed together
And today we take this oath,
If we ever part,
we will become Crane birds.

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Sonnet: When I become

Written by
Madan Singh

mdcharji. Com

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