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RYI Mining Company absconded, millions of dollars of drowned people,Let me tell you that in India, where there is an atmosphere of happiness on the faces of people on the occasion of Dipawali, many people are such that they have been robbed of sleepless nights, due to which there is only one reason RYI-Scam.
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RYI – The company has already done scams                  

Let us tell you that a few days ago, a fraud company named CCH – Cloud Miner had got caught with millions of dollars of Indian people, it was not even a month that RYI knocked and then what was it, those people who did CCH – Cloud Miner I had immersed my millions of dollars, they thought that the company is new, maybe our lost money can be recovered, people expected that if the company runs for 2 to 3 months, then our money will be recovered, people took loans. On the contrary, the company took out the bankruptcy of the people on the very next day of Dhan-Teras i.e. Roop-Chaudas (Choti Dipawali).

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RYI was the only CCH cloud miner

This fact was known to all that CCH Cloud Miner which had fled overnight taking billions of dollars of people in India just a few weeks back, still people took loans and invested in it so that their losses may be recovered from it, but The opposite happened where many media and YouTubers were saying that this company was not running anywhere for three to four months, these were the same people who were working as agents of this fraud or because of little referral income. Connecting people.

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   It was warned by many youtubers that this company CCH cloud miner is the RYI cloud miner and people also knew about it, because RYI cloud miner app was working just like CCH and the era salt of CCH cloud miner The woman was working in it under the name Emma and she had also associated many of her friends for this fraud work. And the same main characters were working in it, who had raised billions of dollars for the company and for their own benefit through their works in CCH Cloud Miner, keeping these facts in mind to say that CCH Cloud Miner is the RYI Had a cloud minor would not be an exaggeration.

How RYI Cloud Miner Works

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RYI-Cloud Miner worked like a MLN company, in which it could be installed only by referral code, on each referral the referrer would get 5% of the receiver’s total deposit i.e. if the user invested $ 1000 Kia used to reach 50 dollars in referral, now when the receiver used to invest this 1000, for which there were different types of plans in which the amount used to increase 3 to 4 times for 40 to 50 days and the biggest The interesting thing was that it gave returns on a per day basis, as if a person took a plan of 1300-$, he would get $130 in his wallet every day which he could withdraw and convert to INR, instead Referrals also had a profit of 3%, due to which people wanted to add more and more people under them, and talked about guaranteeing people’s investment and not losing money.

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Who were these people?

Talking about RYI, all those people involved in this who are doing it for CCH cloud miner, in their details only their names (may be they have created account under fake name) are as follows –

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+34674788282,  +3467478622,  +34660847747,  +34676357606,  +34674707576(spain)  +34683465349(spain), +34664035620 , +34657568316, +34697409775,  +1(830)2503654,  +1(8302503654, +905375006510, +90507880119, +905364402383, +905380855411

There are also some Indians in this tax who are involved in this type of business and by promoting them somewhere they are sending Indian money abroad, maybe these money is used in terrorism. This is a matter of investigation for which the Government of India will have to come forward, I am writing the number of some, so that you should be careful and do not invest even a single rupee, because they may have connection with Pakistan or connection with terrorism.

+919316755160, +917073891674,+918714008638, +916260477500, +918630341304, +917073891674, + 917903123856, +919340659565, +917498094070, +919632172352

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The above numbers used to work for RYI-  + 917903123856, +919340659565, +917498094070, +919632172352

Let us tell you that there are still other companies working in India in the same way, which is being promoted by some Indians in some way or the other, they need to be reined in, in our investigation, it has a connection with Pakistan. There is also an apprehension, seeing that it seems that this money should not be misused in terrorism.

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Be careful otherwise you may come on the radar

According to a report, now the investigating agencies are themselves being added to this type of group for this type of gang scam and are keeping an eye on the people of the group, so one of your messages can send you inside the jail, hence any referral. Avoid promotion of links or any fake app

This article has been written by Madan Singh, so if you like it, then write it and share it with your friends so that they can avoid this type of fraud.

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