Population Control By Jaan Mohammad

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  1. 3 wives, 60 children, came in the news for preparing for the fourth marriage

Haji Jan Mohammad has 3 wives. Recently, the 60th child has taken birth in his house. However, only 55 of his 60 children survive. Jan Mohammad’s 5 children died after birth. Jaan Mohammad is a doctor by profession and has his own clinic.

Jaan Mohammad

The 60th child has been born in a person’s house. This person is a resident of Quetta city of Balochistan, Pakistan. On the very first day of the year 2023, the man’s wife gave birth to a child. The person told that his aim is to produce 100 children. The special thing is that he is also engaged in the search for the fourth wife.

The name of this person is Sardar Haji Jan Mohammad.

He has three wives. Out of 60 children born till now, 5 children of Haji Jan had died. At the same time 55 children are alive and healthy. In a conversation with newsmen, Jan Mohammad said that he is very happy with the birth of a son on the new year. He has named the 60th child as Haji Khushhal Khan.

Jaan Mohammad, 50, lives in the same house with all three wives and children. He is a doctor by profession and also has his own clinic. He is also looking for a fourth wife. Jaan Mohammad had earlier said in an interview that his aim is to become the father of 100 children. And he is thankful to Allah for giving him more children.

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