Earthquakes kill over 4000 in Turkey and Syria

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According NBS News

Early morning 7.8-magnitude quake was Turkey’s largest disaster since 1939, according to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

War-ravaged Syria must also deal with its consequences, threatening a new humanitarian crisis.

Latest on quakes that hit beleaguered region
A second 7.5-magnitude earthquake hit southeastern Turkey after the 7.8 temblor earlier Monday.
The quakes have claimed more than 3,700 lives in Turkey and northern Syria, and the toll is expected to rise on both sides of the border.
The early-morning 7.8-magnitude temblor was centered about 20 miles from Gaziantep, a major city and provincial capital in Turkey.
The first quake was Turkey’s largest disaster since 1939, according to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The death toll in the massive earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria rose to 4000, according to officials in both countries.

In Turkey, at least 2,316 people were killed and 13,293 injured, with 6,217 buildings collapsed, according to the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority. Some 7,840 people have been rescued from the rubble.

In Syria, at least 656 people were killed with another 1,419 injured in affected areas, according to the Syrian Health Ministry. Some 700 people have died and 2,000 were injured in Syria’s rebel-held areas, according to the White Helmets.

Families who had so far managed to survive Syria’s decadelong civil war saw their already-battered homes come crashing down around them Monday.

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Biden stands ready to offer ‘any and all’ assistance to NATO ally

U.S. President Joe Biden offered “any and all needed assistance” to Turkey in a call to Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Monday, according to a White House summary of the conversation.

“He noted that U.S. teams are deploying quickly to support Turkish search and rescue efforts and coordinate other assistance that may be required by people affected by the earthquakes, including health services or basic relief items,” the White House said.

The U.S. president also offered Erdogan his condolences on behalf of the American people.

Iraq, Qatar and Israel join relief effort

Iraq, Qatar and Israel offered aid in the form of supplies and personnel to earthquake victims Monday.

Israel pledged to deploy a military aid mission consisting of 150 people to Turkey. The military staff will include search and rescue teams and medics.

Iraq’s government said it would send search and rescue teams, first aid kits, fuel, tents, food, and water to both Syria and Turkey. Volunteers with Turkish visas have committed to travel as part of the relief efforts and a group of trucks supervised by the Iraqi Red Crescent has already reached the Turkish border, the government said.

Qatar’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs tweeted Monday that it is sending 10,000 mobile residences to both countries as part of its relief support.

Aftershocks as strong as Turkey’s 7.5-magnitude tremor are rare

The 7.5-magnitude tremor that struck Turkey on Monday after the 7.8-magnitude earthquake was an unusually strong aftershock, according to seismologists.

Aftershocks are typically about 1.2 magnitude units lower than the original quake, a statistical theory shows. But the jolt that hit Turkey just over nine hours after the initial earthquake was only 0.3 units smaller.

Seismologists said the 7.5-magnitude shake that came after the first quake qualified as an aftershock because it met aftershock classifications: It occurred within one fault line of the initial quake and was smaller in magnitude.

What will happen next is hard to predict. Dara Goldberg, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey, said many smaller aftershocks are still likely.

What will happen next is hard to predict. Dara Goldberg, a geophysicist at the U.S. Geological Survey, said many smaller aftershocks are still likely.

“As we start to see how this aftershock sequence shapes up, we’ll have better estimates of how long and how productive we expect this sequence to be,” Goldberg said. “But unfortunately, the reality is that there will certainly be aftershocks, and hopefully they don’t significantly hinder rescue efforts.”

Video shows two children rescued from building rubble after deadly earthquake in Turkey

UNICEF working to offer victims ‘psychological support, comfort, warmth’

James Elder, spokesman for UNICEF, said Monday that the aid group was mobilizing to provide earthquake victims with essentials.

In an interview with CNN, Elder said that there is an “enormous amount” to be done as resources are already overstretched in the region with freezing temperatures and a cholera outbreak.

The sudden and unexpected nature of an earthquake leaves families with little time to pack what they need, he added.

“You have a second to decide, and of course there is nothing to grab but your child,” Elder said. “And then they flee outside to nothing, to dust and to devastation, to screams from neighbors, so psychological support, comfort, warmth are absolutely essential.”

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Residents retrieve an injured girl from the rubble of a collapsed building in Jandaris, Syria.

Syria’s U.N. ambassador requests humanitarian aid in meeting with U.N. secretary-general

Ambassador Bassam al-Sabbagh requested a mobilization of United Nations efforts and aid in the provision of health services, shelters and food supply across Syrian cities in a meeting with U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.

“The secretary”We are requesting help from the U.N. members and from the United Nations Secretariat to help Syria in this devastating catastrophic situations, taking into consideration also that Syria had suffered a lot during the last 10 years,” al-Sabbagh said.-general expressed his condolences and solidarity with the people in the government of Syria,” al-Sabbagh said during a news conference.

World’s oldest Dog | Oldest Dog in The World |Bobi breaks Guinness World Record for oldest dog ever

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The dog made two records simultaneously for its age

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Dog babi is more than 30 years old

Lisbon, Agency: A dog from Portugal has made two records together for its longevity.

Guinness World Records said that by February 1, this dog named Babi was 30 years 266 days old.

The first record is for the oldest living dog, which he snatched from a dog named Spike of Ohio, who is 23 years old.

Apart from this, Babi has also made the all-time record for the highest age.

Till now this record was in the name of Australia’s dog Blue.

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Rare Emperor Tamarin Monkey Missing

docscanner02 feb 20237 57am5179568363195007821. scaled

Two rare emperor tamarin monkeys went missing from the zoo in Dallas, the largest city in the US state of Texas.

The zoo administration has released this picture.

Emperor monkeys are white moustaches.

It is believed that they are named after the German Emperor Wilhelm II.

His mustache was also like this.

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Rare Monkey Missing

7 Marvels of US | Wonders of America

IMG 20230131 WA0001

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Kids’ tests have begun all over, after that a long get-away will come and a considerable lot of you should have proactively made occasion arrangements. With so many objective choices, how would you choose where to go? For some families, that decision is many times one of America’s Public Parks.

While it will make an imprint on your mind that is certain to be considered as a part of your brilliant minutes, U.S.

The public authority keeps many public parks, landmarks, amusement regions and verifiable locales that are visited by a huge number of individuals every year, and you can as well.

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Philadelphia Eagles 31, 49ers 7


The Philadelphia  Eagles  defeated  the  San  Francisco  49ers 7 in the playoffs to  advance  to the  Super  Bowl  where  they  will  face  the winner of the  Cincinnati  or  Kansas City game.

Don’t forget to  read  below  to  see  how  the  game  unfolded.

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Game Recap: Eagles 31, 49ers 7

Tensions are  high  as  Trent Williams and  K’Von  Wallace ejected

The 49ers’ frustration  has erupted.

After  a  6-yard  run  by  Christian  McCaffrey,  a  scrum  ensued  at  midfield  that culminated in  K’Von  Wallace  and  Trent  Williams throwing  punches  that resulted in  both  players  being  ejected.

Safety  Reed  Blankenship  forced  a  Deebo  Samuel  fumble  and  recovered it as  play resumed.

The  Eagles  start  to  pull starters and  extend  lead  to 31-7.

After a turnover on downs, the Eagles went to the ground with eight consecutive runs

All by Kenneth Gainwell – to set up a 31-yard Jake Elliott field goal with 5:17 remaining in the game.

All-Pro tackle Lane Johnson was pulled off the Eagles by the Eagles before the drivedrive, Left guard Landon Dickerson left  with an undisclosed injury after leaving the field.

Avonte Maddox and Fletcher Cox stop 49ers on fourth down.

After being  down  28-7  early  in  the  fourth  quarter, the 49ers  went  for  it  on  4th-and-2  from  their  own 47, after going for it on 4th-and-2.
Wide  receiver  Deebo  Samuel  took  the  handoff  and  was  swarmed  by  Fletcher  Cox  and  Avonte  Maddox  for  a  loss  of  4  with  10:52 remaining  in  the game, with  quarterback  Brock  Purdy  unable  to  throw  due  to  his  elbow  injury  and  Josh  Johnson  officially  out  with  a concussion.

Eagles  extend  lead  to  28-7  as  Jalen  Hurts  gets  going  on  the field.

the 49ers’ offense limited by Brock Purdy’s elbow injury, the Eagles nursed the ball  for a 15-play, 91-yard drive that lasted 7:50  and ended with a quarterback sneak by Jalen  Hurts to make it 28-7 with 43 seconds remaining in the third quarter.
bonus. On the 49ers, a roughing the kicker penalty extended the drive, then  Hurts ran for 12 yards, 2 yards, and 14 yards on consecutive plays. after 49ers safety Talanoa Hufanga pushed Hurts after being out of bounds, giving  the third play  a bonus.

The Eagles’ fourth  rushing  touchdown set  a single-game playoff record.
Hurts scored  his  15th  rushing  touchdown  of  the  season,  including  playoffs, and  the  most  by  a  quarterback  in  NFL  history.

Josh  Johnson was called  out  of  the  game  by  the referees, but  Brock Purdy was reinstated

Defensive  tackle  Ndamukong  Suh  knocked  quarterback  Josh  Johnson  to  the ground on the first  drive  of  the  third quarter.

Johnson had  to  be  evaluated  for  a  head injury, according to the referees. Brock  Purdy  re-entered  the  game  for  the  first  time  since  the  49ers’ first  drive.

49ers vs. Eagles | NFC Championship

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