Now Life Depends on god |Elderly woman dies due to lack of treatment in AIIMS emergency

Elderly woman dies due to lack of treatment in AIIMS emergency

A 75-year-old elderly woman suffering from severe respiratory illness died in the AIIMS emergency. There is an allegation of negligence in treatment. Relatives allege that even after waiting for about five hours outside the emergency, the elderly woman did not get timely treatment, when her condition worsened, she was admitted to the emergency and re-registered within five hours, so that a Mumbai patient was killed due to delay in treatment. Can be hidden The AIIMS administration has started the investigation at Sai Shirdi.

Badamo Devi, 75, was a resident of Basarai. The relatives took him to the emergency of AIIMS on Wednesday night. A slip was made at the counter of the Emergency Department at 12:36 pm. After this, the doctors kept him in the emergency for half an hour.

This thing came to the fore due to being in Delhi and the awareness of the family members, but it is not known when the routine tests in AIIMS in states like Chhattisgarh will stop. Due to the closure of the investigation, the brokers become silver, here many employees who are working from out source or in contract, they are also doing the work of part time sample collection and sending it to private. No one to speak on that.

The innocent people here do not say anything and the officers are busy in filling the coffers.

Delhi is the capital in emergency OPD, but in AIIMS of other states, the doctor’s duty is limited only to the roster, on the ground only the lower staff does everything, even if the patient’s life is lost due to negligence.
Even if by mistake a doctor is found, it is known that he is a PG and is sleeping due to fatigue.

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Great is my country and great are the people of my country.

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