My Sons Have Grown Up | A Real Story of Life!

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This story “my sons have grown up” is not just a story but it is a reality reflecting today’s everywhere which is happening somewhere in every house, you read my story “children have grown up now” and think once Is such a story happening somewhere around you?

Many years ago, I lived in Gurgaon. During my M.Sc. MLT from Punjab Technical University, I would up-and-down between Gurgaon and my brother’s scrap shop in Pataudi Chowk; we bothlived in a rented room there at the cost of poverty. Despite living below the poverty line, everyone was always willing to help me – no matter what the price tag was or how much it might have cost them personally.

The rent of the room we lived in would have been around Rs 3,000, the house we lived in had 12 rooms and the landlord used to charge Rs 3,000 per month for each room, although this was not his first house that he had given on rent. Rather, he had many such houses in Gurgaon, apart from this, he used to earn lakhs of rupees at that time if he had a shop, a flour mill machine.

I had made many friends who used to take me to functions like marriage etc.I also used to go because I used to get good food, refreshing all these memories, I reached Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station.Felt like childhood re-lived, I reached HUDA City Center by Metro, happy memories of my old friends started coming in my mind, I wanted to reach Pataudi Chowk as soon as possible. I reached HUDA City Center by Metro, happy memories of my old friends started coming in my mind, I wanted to reach Pataudi Chowk as soon as possible so I signaled to an auto rickshaw driver to stop and booked for him All the way to Pataudi Chowk I kept thinking that whom I would meet first, at whose house I would stop first, I was engrossed in this thought that the auto driver said, brother, Pataudi Chowk has come, where should I drop you, but what are these roads, I do not understand. I said brother leave me here. I was hungry so I saw a sweet shop in front on which Om Sweets was written, I understood that yes I have landed at the right place, I drank tea there after eating samosas. And left for his old base.

I was very tired after traveling for 24 hours, so I thought of going to Sarad’s house to take a bath and rest, but when I reached Sarad’s house, I came to know that Faridabad has been shifted, people of Rohtakia etc. have left work. , Then I thought let’s go to my old house, where I used to live on rent, but my eyes widened when I saw that now a mall has been built there. I thought now I will not stay here I will immediately go to Delhi to my sister’s place, I was coming out of the street I saw an old man who was selling some rotten bananas on his handcart, flies were buzzing all around, some Because of rotten bananas, some because of their feet. I was disgusted to see pus coming out of the wound which he had tied with a dirty cloth. Then suddenly my eyes fell on his face, I was shocked to see him, this face seemed familiar.

My Sons Have Grown Up
My Sons Have Grown Up

Hesitatingly I asked the old man, Baba, you have recognized me, you are our landlord, aren’t you? How did you come in such a condition, that person recognized me and started crying and said “What to say son, now my sons have grown up” His words “What to say son, now my sons have grown up” It hurts my heart because I also have two sons.

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