Million year old human skull found in China

Million year old human skull found in China, Archeologists shocked to see fossils. Archeologists have discovered an almost complete human skull dating back around one million years. The discovery is considered to be one of the most significant ones in recent times as experts believe that it will be crucial in understanding the evolution of human beings. 

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Human Origin: The discovery of this relic is also important because it will help researchers to know more deeply about the history of the Old Stone Age.

Million year old human skull found in China: Teams of scientists and archaeologists in many countries around the world are engaged in the investigation of new discoveries and remains. Sometimes some very ancient information is also found during this time. In this episode, Chinese archaeologists have found human skulls in excavations. It is being claimed that this human skull is about one million years old. Scientists are curious about the fact that in the coming time many new information can be revealed from this remains.“There are very few human fossils around a million years old. As in China and East Asia, the only ones over one million years old are Yuanmou Man, which dates back to 1.7 million years ago, and Lantian Man, which is around 1.6 million to 1.2 million years old. “

According to scientists, the skull is from the time of the Old Stone Age.

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Actually, this incident is from Hubei province of China. This skull, found by the team of Archaeological Department of China, is being told of the time of Paleolithic period i.e. Old Stone Age, on which study can be of great help to the researchers. Archaeologists have found this skull from the same site, where two skulls were also found in the years 1989 and 1990. It is believed that the people to whom these three skulls belong will be of the same time.

Lu Chengqiu, a researcher with the Hubei Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, was heading the team of researchers that found several fossils and tools in the nearby areas. 

The excavation team earlier found two more skulls of around the same age

“The No 3 skull is similar to the first two in terms of burial environment, faunal remains and technical characteristics of stone products, so the three skulls should belong to the same age. The age of the skull would be further confirmed by radiocarbon dating,”

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Only a few parts found

From the site where these remains were found, it was told that only a few million years old human fossils are present in the world. So it can be a very hopeful thing. However, it was also told that the bones and some other parts of the skull have been found so far. It will take until November to bring out the entire skull.

A case of extensive research

At present, this incident remains a matter of discussion among the scientists of China. Although many old remains are found in the excavation all over the world, but the remains related to human life always attract because it becomes a matter of extensive research. At present, when this residue comes out completely, a research study will be prepared on it.

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