Mayer Shipka & John Mayer Trying To Pretend They Haven’t Been Dating For A Long Time, But It’s Public Everyone Knows!

As you all know John Mayer and Kieran Shipka are dating. But even if they’re not, it’s true that they’re still trying to make ends meet, just to make sure it doesn’t look like it – when it actually looks like it. I do not say this, but PEREZHILTON has written it in his article, let us discuss it openly, because there is a saying that it is public and everyone knows.

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Mayer Shipka & John Mayer Trying To Pretend

At one point she even sang for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Star, according to eyewitnesses. No word on whether or not this was Your Body Is a Wonderland. The couple may have been spotted once again on Sunday for a fancy dinner at Giorgio Baldi’s in Santa Monica. Even if you haven’t been from here, as you can probably tell from the name, this is a really great, very romantic restaurant. OK, so with that in mind… the pair stayed there for four hours. A four-hour dinner that ended at about midnight. Come on, if something is going on in this, then we have to do it openly, otherwise the writers will write, such people enjoy knowing the story of others, as you are coming right now.

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They were seen getting into separate cars, but onlookers said the vehicles just went around the corner, and — once out of sight of paparazzi — pulled over, with Kiernan hopping out and joining John in his Chevy Suburban limo before eventually being dropped off at her place. There are photos and video of them leaving, but the inneresting thing is how they left. Seems pretty clear they were on a date — that they were very much trying to make look like not a date. Why would they hide it? Yeah… Mind that gap, Well, probably because the No Such Thing singer is 45 years old, and the Mad Men alum is just 22.

  • The Your Body Is a Wonderland hitmaker 45, and the Mad Men star, 22, were spotted grabbing dinner at Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica on Sunday 
  • The duo dined at the fine establishment for four hours, with onlookers claiming John serenaded his companion at one point 
  • They both left in separate vehicles, but onlookers said they pulled over a few blocks from the restaurant, with Kiernan getting into John’s limo before being dropped off at her residence  
  • They were previously spotted in February of this year, sharing a hug at the famous Tower Bar inside the Sunset Tower Hotel

The heartthrob singer finalized her look with a pair of white sneakers, and was seen holding her cellphone in hand. Meanwhile the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina actress wore black trousers and burgundy platform pumps under her coat. Kiernan parted her blonde hair down the middle and cascading in light waves.

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The young star—best known for her role as the daughter of Sally Draper, lead character Don Draper in the AMC hit Mad Men—accessorized her look with a silver chain around her neck and a black purse in her hand. She appeared fresh-faced for dinner, letting her natural beauty shine. Someone has told the truth.. Nature must have made you my friend with pleasure.. When the face is so beautiful, then everyone would like to do dating.

Well “John Mayer, 45, dines with Mad Men star Kiernan Shipka, 22, at romantic restaurant nine months after they were caught in a clinch”
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