Surrender of Manish Kashyap| Now who supports the Son of Bihar during the time of examination of Biharis.

Today, Manish Kashyap, known as Son of Bihar, surrendered before the police.

According to sources, in an old case, the Bihar Police had taken an order of attachment from the court, after which a large number of police forces led by DIG Jaikant reached Manish Kashyap’s native village for attachment, while the proceedings were still going on, a news came to the fore. That Manish Kashyap has surrendered at Jagdishpur police station in Bettiah.

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Surrender of Manish Kashyap

Let me tell you that on one hand, Manish Kashyap, known as Son of Bihar, has sacrificed everything for Bihar and Biharis, on the other hand, the nervous RJD is now afraid of losing its power.

The scared RJD is now misusing its position by registering several FIRs by the police to implicate Manish Kashyap, at this time it has to be seen whether the people of Bihar and Bihar will support Manish Kashyap or the Bihar government will crush Manish.

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