Leadership – A great Quality

What makes a good leader?

Leadership – A great Quality

He becomes a good leader only on the strength of his hard work and his genuineness of certain qualities. The development of the country lies only with the dedication of a leader. In the upliftment of any country, in its progress, the personality qualities of a leader, leadership and moving forward with a goal. The leader achieves his goal through his courage, diligence, perseverance and the use of his intelligence and discretion.

leadership – a great quality

leadership is a quality by which you

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  • A great leader has many qualities which make him popular.
  • The ability to lead is a quality that can be seen within only a few.
  • Some people inherit it while some acquire it over a period of time.
  • Good leadership can also bring success to business/firms.
  • If you have leadership qualities then you can play the role of a leader.
  • You have leadership qualities if you recognize the line that separates trust and confidence. Important
  • You can identify and master the leadership characteristics and unique leadership abilities within you

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