Knowledge Comes From Education Not Ego : Story of Kalidas

Kalidas said :- “Mother, give me water, it will be a great virtue”!
The woman said :- Son, I do not know you. introduce yourself.
I will definitely give you water.
Kalidas said :- I am a wanderer, please give me water.
The woman said :- “How can you be a wanderer?” There are only two wayfarers, the Sun and the Moon, who never stop! Always keep on walking. Which of the following are you? Tell the truth.

Kalidas said :- I am a guest, please give me water.
The woman said :- “How can you be a guest”? There are only two guests in the world. First wealth and second youth! It doesn’t take long for them to go. tell the truth who are you

(The losers of all the arguments so far had become desperate)
Kalidas said :- I am tolerant. Now you give water to drink.
The woman said :- “No, there are only two who are tolerant. First, the earth which bears the burden of all the sinners and the virtuous”! Even after sowing seeds by ripping its chest, it gives stores of grains, other trees which are stoned still give sweet fruits. you are not tolerant tell the truth who are you

(Kalidas almost fell into a swoon and spoke furiously with the argument)
Kalidas said :- I am stubborn.
The woman said :- “Then untruth. There are only two stubbornness – first nail and second hair, no matter how much you cut, they come out again and again. Who are you to tell the truth”?
(were completely humiliated and defeated)
Kalidas said :- Then I am a fool.

The woman said :- “No how can you be a fool.
There are only two fools. The first is the king who rules over everyone even without qualification, and the second is the court pundit who tries to prove it right by reasoning even on wrong things to please the king.
(Unable to speak anything, Kalidas fell at the feet of the old woman and begged for water.)
The old woman said :- Get up Vats! (Hearing the voice, Kalidas looked up and saw Mother Saraswati standing there, Kalidas again bowed down)

Mother said :- Knowledge comes from education not ego. You considered the honor and prestige you got on the power of education as your achievement and sat with arrogance, so I had to do this farce to open your eyes!!
Kalidas realized his mistake and went ahead after drinking plenty of water.

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