A Bird’s Wish

I want to wish fly in my blue sky

But the rays of the sky stop me on the way

I want to wish sing a sweet tune in the fresh air

The dirty air from factories prevents us from flying

I want to wish my vasundhara to live on a tree

But who made us homeless by cutting trees

I want to wish to get wet by drinking spring water

But who has polluted the water by adding poison to it?

I want to wish that whenever I am born, I should be born in this Vasundhara.

But who took away the right to live from this stream

I want to wish that Hari turns man into a bird.

But I know you’re his god so he looks like him

I want to wish your idol also looked like a bird

But I don’t want God to make your Vasundhara a hell

I want to wish Give me death before you get any flame

I don’t want anyone to pollute my land, give me such boon

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A Bird’s Wish
Written By : Madan Singh
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