Humanity is wired in Uttarakhand | In our own country, youths were honored with sticks and rods

Demanding anti-copying law in Uttarakhand, demanding CBI inquiry in paper leak case, they were beaten like a butcher butchers an animal, the police took the law into their hands by wiring humanity and India’s midnight opening Judiciary is mon.

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In this way, the treatment done by the police and the government with the youth is right?

What mistake did these youth make, the police lathi-charged them and then they said they were pelting stones.
I ask all those people on the world stage who cry out for humanity, are human rights alive. This is a tyrant, the Chief Minister should tender his resignation with immediate effect and apologize. And the policemen should be prosecuted for treason along with murder and misuse of position.

Humanity is wired in Uttarakhand

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