Great man Poonja Bhil

Man Poonja Bhil

Friends, you are the descendant of such a great man who did not refuse to give shelter to any person who came in his refuge with his pride and gave hospitality to the one who is faithful to his words. Mahapurush Poonja Bhil was such a personality and history man whose name is not only in hundreds of books! Inscribed in golden letters in thousands of books. Our life can be successful only by taking the name of * great man worship Bhil * and his hospitality is speaking as history today, he put everything at stake for Maharana Pratap and thousands of his Bhil soldiers were engaged in the service of Maharana Pratap. Diya and Emperor Akbar had no opposition from the great man Poonja Bhil, but for Maharana Pratap, he kept fighting with Akbar’s army for many years with thousands of his soldiers and he kept the promises given to Maharana Pratap and today the text The chapter of Mahapurush Poonja Bhil is inscribed on everyone’s mind and mind in books and on the tongue of people. If you want to talk about Bhil, then you will say with great pride that such great warriors, who supported a great power, continued to fight with Emperor Akbar in which they had nothing to do, but still they supported Maharana Pratap equally. today that We remember the great man and even after taking his name we sit up in the morning and evening, then our life can be successful, so friends, when you wake up in the morning, you should remember the great man in the name of Poonja Bhil, so that your life will be successful and the generations to come will give you Will remember
Jai great man Poonja Bhil Jay great man Poonja Bhil
Jai great man Poonja Bhil.

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