Gang of Scammers Again Active In The Whole World, May Be The Biggest Scam

Along with India, I want to warn the people of all those countries who are reading my article. You beware of these gangs, otherwise they will ruin your years’ earnings and you will not be able to do anything, so be careful!
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Understand in detail

Let us tell you that a few days ago, companies named CCH, RYI and Cryptonic trader ltd robbed people of all those countries along with India, who were investing their hard earned money in these companies in order to become rich soon, thus The company closes its link by duping billions, then starts connecting with people through Watsapp and Telegram again with new names and offers. In such a way that the fraud company gives the lure of doubling the amount of these people or returns daily as well as giving commission ranging from 10% to 25% in the name of referral, then do people take their family, friends, relatives along with them? And get them invested too.

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The main example of this is the message given below

Name and contact details of some companies and their agents who are luring people into their trap.

1. The first company whose name is – American Bank of Investment Group (“ABI”), its working method is exactly like Cryptonic traders Ltd which ran away after looting billions of dollars of people.

IMG 20221103 213813

The number of members in this company is more than 5000, which you can see with the help of their Telegram screen short.

Mahin– He has created this group and started connecting people by link and when the number exceeded 5000se then he changed his address to join with another id so that people could not trace him.

Lindians– Its teligram user id is @Lindians, by which it connects people by sending misleading messages to people. I advise you guys to try your best and let go of the fear…. I know it can be difficult to do but I assure you that if you invest with this platform I will I promise you won’t regret it.

IMG 20221103 220128

Annesia – It becomes a customer and informs the people about the benefits of the company so that people can get caught in their trap after seeing its benefits, its telegram address is @Annesia567 whose ID and photo both appear to be fake.

IMG 20221103 220149

Diya kapur – This is also the company’s publicist whose address is the telegram address @kapur554, it also traps people in its trap as a publicist. Its a message- Congratulations to you, this company will be the reason many investors in this society become rich because they always give us big plans to invest.

IMG 20221103 220902

BambangIt has a message – this platform has packed a lot of goodies for us, stay focused keep investing keep winning my friends also this message always to confuse people its telegram id is @Bambang22335

Screenshot 2022 11 04 08 07 20 533 org.telegram.messenger

Calandian – Its Telegram ID is @Calandians, it attracts people through its benefits, it always shows a profit of thousands of dollars so that people can be attracted.

Screenshot 2022 11 04 08 09 05 821 org.telegram.messenger

Andi ballata – Its telegram address is @Andi_Ballta, it calls itself the CEO of the company. It makes the company’s offers and all the rules, its offer is similar to that of Cryptonic traders. It also lures double the amount in 48 hours.

IMG 20221103 222102

Sarath Gowada – It has kept its ID locked and this too lures people into the tempting web of offers.

Screenshot 2022 11 03 23 14 13 741 uni.wj .gewind
IMG 20221103 WA0004

Nandini nandu – This too has kept its ID locked and this too lures people into the tempting web of offers.

IMG 20221103 223043

Reaksmey phorn – It misleads people by becoming a customer, similarly these people comment themselves by making fake IDs and themselves show their fake profits, seeing that people get caught in their trap and the same thing happens.

IMG 20221103 223135

2. Now let’s talk about another company –

They have also created a group on Telegram named international 49, they have other groups which are making people their victims with different names and offers. Let us tell you about their main members-

IMG 20221103 223718

Manly – Its Telegram address is @Manly001 It acts as Analyst SSUS, which makes offers to people to invest in the form of Bitcoin.

IMG 20221103 224054

Deidre Bartoletti – It works to add logo. This is an Indian whose mobile number is +918115109427.

IMG 20221104 082550

Arjunsinh rajput – It is an important member of this gang who has created an ID in a fake name, it misleads people by sending messages continuously in the group. Here’s a message: This is the BTC investment and trading team, I joined the group via an invitation from a friend.

IMG 20221103 225425

Generation– It is an important member of this gang who has created an ID in a fake name, it misleads people by sending messages continuously in the group. Here’s a message: This is the BTC investment and trading team, I joined the group via an invitation from a friend.

IMG 20221103 225938

When I wrote a blog in Hindi, it came so much that it started abusing me, you can see in the screen shot below.

img 20221104 2255364860158266199669138
Abusing me

  3. The third company is  GE-Wind

IMG 20221103 230730

Who talks about giving profit to people by offering them. They have reached more than 1700 people – they have maintained their channel in such a way that we can read their message but can’t see the sender because they have put admin lock. They have also given their link which Follows

Apart from this, those who are scamming with people by forming a company are-

2X Firee admin 2 – 

IMG 20221104 083145

It asks people to invest by creating different projects, gives lucrative offers, blocks people when they get stuck.

We-Spin2 – Their network is so large that billions of dollars have been lost so far, the number of their members is about 46000, which is quite a lot.

IMG 20221104 083323

AIAC community channel –  It talks about making itself an income through robotic meaning. When people invest, they stop profit withdrawal, thus people’s money gets stuck.

IMG 20221103 233059

OPP- gasoline – यह भी एक बहुत बड़ी स्केमर कंपनी है।

IMG 20221103 235134

In this company, when a person invests money in its product, the company gives withdrawal for two to three days, but after three days the company says that you invest as much as you have, then you will give the old withdrawal and as soon as the person puts money in it. After that, it stops its withdrawal, even if you do what you do, it will not give you the answer.

IMG 20221103 233640

This was the talk of Telegram, now let’s talk about Wahatsapp group:

  1. BTCA Form – People of this fake company contact people by sending messages, they grab people’s money by luring affiliate income, their mobile number is +1 (929) 243-9387
IMG 20221104 093015

2. EXPRO USDT – This also scares people just like the BTCA form, the way of working of both is the same.

IMG 20221104 094954

3. Earn without investment – This is a group that talks about earning without investing, but this is a way of trapping people, in this account is made by referring first, then giving schemes in which money is not earned, but whatever you invest, sink it are the same.

IMG 20221104 094702

4. Never give up – This is a group of people from RYI and CCH who target people, all thieves with CCH and RYI  will be found in this group, if you speak something against them in the group then you will be blocked.

IMG 20221104 141912

The following numbers are being cheated on What’s app by creating a fake whats app group, if you have any of these numbers in your group, then you may be a victim of fraud (Maybe they have created an account with a fake name) This number is following – +34674788282,  +3467478622,  +34660847747,  +34676357606,  +34674707576(spain)  +34683465349(spain), +34664035620 , +34657568316, +34697409775,  +1(830)2503654,  +1(8302503654, +905375006510, +90507880119, +905364402383, +905380855411, +1 (929) 243-9387, +63 960 243 6663

Some Indian numbers that may be included

+919316755160, +9177480 80020, +917073891674,+918714008638, +916260477500, +918630341304, +917073891674, + 917903123856, +919340659565, +917498094070, +919632172352, +917903123856, +919340659565, +917498094070, +919632172352, +91 86303 41304

Let us tell you that there are still other companies working in the same way in India, which are promoted by some Indians in some way, they need to be reined in, in our investigation its connection with terrorists. There is also an apprehension, seeing that it seems that this money should not be misused in terrorism.

Stay tuned to The Power of Knowledge to read more such interesting stories.

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This article has been written by Madan Singh. If you like our article, then do comment!

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