Fake Trading companies dominate in the United kingdome

Fake Trading companies dominate in the United kingdome, fraud trading companies are doing fraud with people, it seems that the government there is also encouraging such companies, that’s why no action is being taken against such companies even after the complaint!

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Cryptonic trrade limited is a Registerd Froud Company of UK

In detail

Let us tell you that the agents of such companies who are women, they contact people from other countries through online mediums like Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Email etc. They give attractive offers and then first get good offers through them. People who are trapped in the trap are happy to see the profit (as you can see in the photo a lady named Sera who describes herself as the Senior Manager of Kryptonic Trade Ltd.) on $100 investment, 20% profit within 4 days Given, if more money is invested then more profit is made, and thus these fraud companies give referral income along with profit as well as target.

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Offer given by cryptonic trade ltd

When thousands of people from these companies make their investment, this company starts its game, gives a bonus of thousand times more than the original amount to the investor as a bonus, now the person becomes very happy, shares it in his group. Is. Now the game of greed starts, now people invest all their deposits in such companies, many people also invest in these companies by taking loans, but the amazing thing starts when people want to withdraw their income from these companies and such companies ask people to deposit 10 to 20% of the total amount.

Now a person has deposited $100, then the company gives him a bonus of $ 20000 with 20% interest on the last day and says you will be able to withdraw it only when you deposit 10% of the total amount, now the person who has deposited Having invested $100, he now reinvests $2132 without wanting to do so. As soon as the person wants to withdraw his money, he is again caught in the bonus game and the person loses his principal along with the interest.

IMG 20221009 220428
Invest 100 dallor but company give 3574 dallor of bonus and demand 10%

People of the above company who mislead people by doing it in different wa

As per information we have contacted those people and want to inform that one of them is a woman named Sera, whose mobile number is +447438836768, who pretends to be a senior account manager, has been contacted by people on Telegram and WhatsApp. contact is made through Which works to entrap people in their trap.

IMG 20221008 075915 025
Immage of Sera

Another female name is Lane she is right hand of Sera whose mobile number is +1(830)2503654, her username on telegram is @Lane5, it tells the user to be a resident of Switzerland but based on location it is known The address is found to be Gopichintapalli United States which is in Nixon Texas, United States. It mainly traps the user on the basis of lucrative promises with his sweet talk and gets in touch with a woman named Sera.

IMG 20221009 222017
Image of Lane

I want to tell all of you that there may be more women and men in its team, there is a need to take them into custody and inquire.

Tells itself it is a registered company

Registered office address : NI648532 COMPANIES HOUSE, DEFAULT ADDRESS: 2nd Floor, The Linenhall 32-38 Linenhall Street, Belfast, BT2 8BG Company status – Dissolved, Dissolved on-21 December 2021, Company type- Private limited Company, Incorporated on- 9 October 2017

IMG 20221009 222257


Last accounts made up to 31 October 2019

Nature of business (SIC)

  • 70221 – Financial management

Filter officers

Filter officersCurrent officers

Officers:2 officers / 1 resignation

PARKES, Jeremy Ayitey

Correspondence address : Unit 3, 21, Botanic Avenue, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT7 1JJ Role Director, Date of birth- April 1973, Appointed on: 25 July 2019, Nationality: British, Country of residence :Cyprus, Occupation :Businessman


Company number NI648532

Some aware people against this company have been mailed in the UK and the US government, and the Parliament has also been told about this company by mail. The report has been filed with UK Police and Cybercrime, Google has been matched with evidence to remove it from the site.

Other companies involved in this type of business

Many companies are working in this type of market, which first traps people and then runs away with millions of dollars, a few months ago a fraud company named SHOPER ran away with millions of dollars of people, similarly CCH (Cloud Mining) company Which is now getting people to invest millions of dollars in the form of mining in the market, and will run away seeing the opportunity.

Neither the body of such companies is being caught, nor is there any control of the government on such commandments, seeing that even the government suspects that many people of the government are not involved in it, it is a matter of investigation.

If the government pays attention, then these companies can be imposed. Now it has to be seen how much the UK and US government are aware of this article of ours.

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complain copy
IMG 20221009 220615

This article has been written by Madan Singh, so if you like it, then write it and share it with your friends so that they can avoid this type of fraud.

Madan Singh

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