Lab Technician MCQ || MLT (Previous Exam.)

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Lab Technician MCQ (Previous Exam.)

Which of the following is a procoagulation protein?

Protein C
Protein S

Correct Answer :- Thrombin

Which test is used for confirmation of Rh negative blood group?

Casonis test
Du variant test
Coombs test
Sahlis test

Correct Answer :- Du variant test

Which bulb is used for estimation of serum bilirubin?

Wintrobe bulb
Flouride bulb
Plain bulb
EDTA bulb

Correct Answer :- Plain bulb

Commonest presentation in hookworm infection is

Abdominal pain

Correct Answer :- Anemia

Sudden development of itching of the scalp and difficulty in breathing after bee sting is an example of:-

Type I hypersensitivity
Type II hypersensitivity
Type III hypersensitivity
Type IV hypersensitivity

Correct Answer :- Type I hypersensitivity

Following is TRUE regarding antigenic shift in Influenza virus:-

It happens because of point mutations in genes coding for either hemagglutinin or neuraminidase.
It is observed equally in all three types of Influenza strains.
It is responsible for occasional sporadic cases that happen throughout the year.
It results in emergence of a new subtype of virus.

Correct Answer :- It results in emergence of a new subtype of virus.

Thiosulphate citrate bile salt sucrose (TCBS) medium is an example of:

Transport medium
Enrichment medium
Enriched medium
Selective medium

Correct Answer :- Selective medium

Data in the population census report is:-

Ungrouped Data
Secondary Data
Grouped Data
Primary Data

Correct Answer :- Ungrouped Data

CA 125 is used in diagnosis of:-

Gall bladder cancer
Bronchogenic cancer
Ovarian cancer

Correct Answer :- Ovarian cancer

Rate limiting enzyme of Glycolysis is:-

All of these

Correct Answer :- Phosphofructokinase

Dystrophic calcification is seen in:-

Paget’s disease
Renal dystrophy
Milk-alkali syndrome

Correct Answer :- Atheroma

Autospelnectomy is seen in:-

Hereditary elliptocytosis
Hereditary spherocytosis
Sickel cell anemia
Thalessemia major

Correct Answer :- Sickel cell anemia

KOH in KOH wet mount is used:-

To kill fungal organisms in the clinical specimen
To remove bacterial contamination in specimen
All of these
To digest keratin in keratinized tissues and clear fungal elements

Correct Answer :- To remove bacterial contamination in specimen

Blood culture of a 70 year old female was taken, and a non-capsulated Gram-positive diplococcus arranged in V shape had grown within 24 hours. Initial tests indicated that this isolate was resistant to penicillin. The most likely pathogen is:-
Streptococcus pneumoniae
Enterococcus sp.
Group B streptococcus
Staphylococcus aureus

Correct Answer :- Enterococcus sp.

Most common tumour in men worldwide is:-


Correct Answer :- Lung

Spectrophotometric Glucose measurement by GOD-POD method producing red colored dye can use following filter:-

505 nm
630 nm
405 nm
340 nm

Correct Answer :- 505 nm

Laser printer is a type of:-

Both of these
Impact Printer
Non-impact printer
None of these

Correct Answer :- Non-impact printer

Anaerobic glycolysis produce excess of

Ketone bodies
Acetyl Co-A

Correct Answer :- Lactate

Internal Quality Control of Total bilirubin have mean of 5.0 mg/dl and SD of 0.5 mg/dl. Result obtained on a day is 5.7 mg/dl. Following QC rule is not satisfied:-

None of these

Correct Answer :- None of these

Internal Quality Control of Glucose have mean of 110 mg/dl and SD of 5 mg/dl. Result obtained on a day is 130 mg/dl. Following QC rule is not satisfied:-

None of these

Correct Answer :- 1(3S)

All of the following are true for autoimmunity EXCEPT:-

It is a problem of self and non self discrimination
It is a failure of immunotolerance
Neoantigens can lead to autoimmunity
It is immunity to self

Correct Answer :- It is immunity to self

The stain for demonstration of giycogen is:-

Sudan black B
PAS stain
Verhofs stain
Methyl violet

Correct Answer :- PAS stain

Contact dermatitis is an example of:

Type I hypersensitivity
Type II hypersensitivity
Type III hypersensitivity
Type IV hypersensitivity

Correct Answer :- Type IV hypersensitivity

LAN stands for:-

Land Area Network
Least Area Network
Local Arc Network
Local Area Network

Correct Answer :- Local Area Network

Septic shock is generally caused by:-

Gram negative bacilli
Gram positive cocci
Acid fast bacilli

Correct Answer :- Gram negative bacilli

Glycolysis in stimulated by:-

None of these
Both of these

Correct Answer :- Insulin

Serum Creatinine estimation is done by:-

Biuret method
Uricase method
Bromo cresol green method
Jaffe kinetic method

Correct Answer :- Jaffe kinetic method

All the following are confirmatory Treponemal tests for Syphillis EXCEPT:

RP-CFT test
RPR test
ELISA test

Correct Answer :- RPR test

Bipolar staining is a characteristic feature of:

Yersinia pestis
Corynebacterium diptheriae

Correct Answer :- Yersinia pestis

M-band is seen in electrophoresis of:-

Multiple myeloma patient‘s serum
Any disease with abnormal hemoglobin
Sickle cell disease patient’s RBC
Thalassemia patient’s RBC

Correct Answer :- Multiple myeloma patient‘s serum

The graphs which represents data on maps are considered as:

symmetry graph

Correct Answer :- cartograms

During denaturation of protein following bonds are not broken:-

Peptide bond
Salt bond
Van der vaals interactions
Hydrogen bond

Correct Answer :- Peptide bond

A patient’s total cholesterol is 245 mg/dl, HDL cholesterol is 45 mg/dl and Triglyceride is 170 mg/dl. By Freidewald’s formula, This patient’s LDL cholesterol is:-


Correct Answer :- 166

Following is NOT TRUE regarding antigenic variation shown by certain viruses:-

Responsible for epidemics of such viral infections
Allows a virus to escape from host cells immunity
Hampers the development of vaccines against such viruses
Increases the number of carriers for such viral infections

Correct Answer :- Increases the number of carriers for such viral infections

Following processing of CSF sample, the remaining sample should be preserved at:-

25 – 30 ˚C
Minus 20 ˚C
2 – 4 ˚C
35 – 37 ˚C

Correct Answer :- 35 – 37 ˚C

Following is true regarding meningococci:

Capsular polysaccharide is used for preparation of vaccine
Oxidase test is negative
It is an important cause of meningitis in adult males
It is kidney shaped intracellular diplococci

Correct Answer :- Capsular polysaccharide is used for preparation of vaccine

The extent to which the values are dispersed around the central observation is considered as:-

centralized valuation

Correct Answer :- variation

Okazaki fragment is related to:-

Transcription of RNA
Translation of proteins
DNA replication
RNA formation

Correct Answer :- DNA replication

Apo-A is found in:-


Correct Answer :- HDL

Increase Hb A2 level on Hb chromatography is associated with:-

Thalassemia minor
Thalassemia major
Sickle cell
G6PD deficiency

Correct Answer :- Thalassemia minor

Tumor containing cells of all the three germ cell layers is:-

Small cell carcinoma

Correct Answer :- Teratoma

Difference between leukemia and leukemoid reaction is done by:-

Immature cells

Correct Answer :- LAP

For following test multiple samples are collected at about 20 minutes interval:-

Tumor markers
Glucose for GTTS
Thyroid profile

Correct Answer :- LH, FSH

CSF cell count of 22300/cmm with 95% neutrophils, glucose 3.5 mg/dl and protein 112 mg/dl is most likely suggestive of:-
Acute Bacterial meningitis
Fungal meningitis
Tuberculous meningitis
Viral meningitis

Correct Answer :- Acute Bacterial meningitis

All are benign tumors of stomach, EXCEPT:-


Correct Answer :- Lipoma

A computer consists of:-

Input and output unit
A memory
All of these
A central processing unit

Correct Answer :- All of these

All of the following statements are true for Rhinosporidiosis EXCEPT:-

It manifests as polyps that bleed easily.
It is caused by a fungus
The fungus is usually found in dirty waters
It can be cultured easily in laboratory.

Correct Answer :- It can be cultured easily in laboratory.

Which of the following is NOT an example of Oncogenic virus?

Human T cell lymphotrophic virus
Epstein-Barr virus
Hepatitis C virus
Parvovirus B19

Correct Answer :- Parvovirus B19

Which of the following is a purine nitrogenous base?


Correct Answer :- Guanine

Which of the following is NOT TRUE regarding Herpes zoaster?

A non immune person can acquire Chicken pox following contact with patient with Herpes zoaster
It is reactivation of Varicella zoaster virus
It can happen in absence of history of Chicken pox
It can be diagnosed by examination of Tzanck smear

Correct Answer :- It can be diagnosed by examination of Tzanck smear

Transfer of antibodies from mother to fetus is an example of:-

Artificial active immunity
Artificial passive immunity
Natural passive immunity
Natural active immunity

Correct Answer :- Natural passive immunity

In thalassemia major following hemoglobin is markedly increased:-

Hb s
Hb D
Hb A2
Hb F

Correct Answer :- Hb F

The categories of measures of dispersion are classified as:-

uniform measures
(d) both (b) and (c)
relative measures
absolute measures

Correct Answer :- (d) both (b) and (c)

The causes of thrombosis include:-

Alteration in the blood flow
Hypercoagulable states
Endothelial injury
All of these

Correct Answer :- All of these

The equipment required to connect a home computer to internet is:-


Correct Answer :- Modem

The PT is not prolonged in:-

Vitamin K deficiency
Patient on anticoagulant therapy
Haemophilia A

Correct Answer :- Haemophilia A

The term used to describe frequency curve is:

kurtosis of distribution
symmetry and kurtosis
symmetrical distribution
relative frequency curve

Correct Answer :- symmetry and kurtosis

NABL accreditation for medical laboratories is based on:

ISO 17025:2012
ISO 17025:2007
ISO 15189:2012
ISO 15189:2007

Correct Answer :- ISO 15189:2012

IgM negative and IgG positive in dengue antibody test may indicate:-
Acute primary dengue infection
Acute secondary dengue infection
Early incubation period
None of these

Correct Answer :- Acute secondary dengue infection

A sample have slanted interface between Blood Cells and Plasma. It must have been centrifuged in:-

Fixed angle rotor
Low speed centrifuge
High speed centrifuge
Swing bucket rotor

Correct Answer :- Fixed angle rotor

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