Dedicated with respect to modern girls

The boy asked for the number, you gave it, the boy asked for the picture, you gave it… The boy asked for a video call, you did it, now the boy asked to remove the scarf, you removed it. You have fulfilled the boy’s wish to see something

The boy asked to meet you, you cheated your parents and went to meet your lover. You have seen the boy sitting in the park praising you and showing you the vegetable garden… Then while drinking juice at the juice corner, the boy touched his hand, made gestures, but no problem, now is the new era, it all goes on. ..

Now again the boy talked about taking a room in the hotel, you shyly refused, saying that you don’t like all this before marriage, don’t you? For…you both enjoyed a lot together…

In the name of understanding, the bridegroom became the bride, the use of protection was taken care of so that the child was not born… then one day there was a fight and it all ended because the result of the relationship of Haram is something like this…

but but______

Here the sheer boy is not wrong, he is a wolf, he is a criminal, he is everything… Because you did not give the picture, he forcibly entered your mobile.

You didn’t give your number, that boy himself took the number from your mobile… You didn’t make a video call, that boy himself had reached your home to see you live… He took you even to the juice corner by force. Was at gunpoint…
He even forcefully took you from your house to the hotel room…
So the culprit is just a boy, you are not at all…

You are a four year old girl! don’t you understand
Don’t you get any sense even after seeing these dead bodies lying in the garbage?
These headless bodies don’t hurt your mind?

This increasing incident of excesses on social media doesn’t tell you anything?

You did not know that the thirst of bodies is quenched in a hotel room or in the boundary wall.

You knew everything, you knew everything…!

Love stories are not written in hotel rooms,
there is no prayer
Then there is a complaint that four boys gang-raped her.

What do you think of the one who takes care of your honor, who himself is taking you for this purpose?

If you stay within your limits, no one can harm you.

Be it a boy or a girl, stay away from the hungers of the body, do not defame the holy relationship like love, love by looking at the heart and not by looking at the body.

Until you don’t support, no boy has any status that he can take you to a hotel room.

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