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Once upon a time, King Lion set up a factory in the forest…..!!

The only worker in it was a small ant who used to come to the office on time and used to do all the work of the factory alone with great hard work and dedication.

Lion’s business was running very systematically and he was getting profits continuously.

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One day the lion thought that this single ant is doing such a beautiful job, if I keep it under the supervision of an expert, it can do even better work, which can increase the profit even more.

As soon as this thought came to mind, the lion appointed a bee as its manager.

Bee had a lot of work experience and was also very clever in writing reports.

The bee told the lion that first of all we have to make a timetable for the work of the ant. Then I would need a separate secretary to keep all the records of his work properly.

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The lion appointed the rabbit as secretary.

The lion liked the work of the bee. He said to report all the work done by the ant so far and guide the progress made by making a beautiful graph.

The bee said ok, but I would need computer, laser printer and projector for this.

For all this, the lion made a computer department and appointed the cat as its surveyor.

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Now instead of doing his work, Ant started focusing only on making paper reports, due to which his work went backward and eventually the production of the factory decreased.

The lion thought that a technical expert should be kept in the company who could give his opinion on the advice of the bee.

Thinking like this, he appointed the monkey as a technical expert.

Now whatever work was given to the ant, she would try to do it with all her might, but due to excessive pressure from above, if the work was never completed, she would be forced to leave it incomplete and go to her home.

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When the lion started getting losses continuously, he became very restless. Seeing no solution, in compulsion, he appointed an auditor to find out the reason for the loss to the owl.

Three months later, the owl handed over his detailed and highly confidential report to the lion, in which he told that the number of workers in the factory is high and to reduce the company’s losses, the employees have to be laid off immediately.

Now you think very seriously who will be fired….???

It is obvious that only the ant will be removed..!

Perhaps this rule and ideology is running rampant in every sector of the whole world.

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Those who are working day and night with full hard work, honesty, loyalty and dedication, they are being unnecessarily harassed by the management, they are constantly being harassed, their CR is being spoiled, they are being mentally harassed.

Yes, they are being forced out of work and those who are far away from hard work and are just flattering the owner or the management, are having a lot of fun and are progressing day by day…….

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Successful V/S Unsuccessful

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1. A successful person wants to learn something from every person, he praises people, while an unsuccessful person does bad things to people and just keeps jealous of them.

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Successful V/S Unsuccessful

2. Change is very necessary with time, a successful person is never afraid of change, while an unsuccessful person is always hesitant about change and does not want change.

Successful V/S Unsuccessful

3. A successful person often forgives people for mistakes, while an unsuccessful person always carries hatred in his heart.

Successful V/S Unsuccessful

4. A successful person always comes forward and takes responsibility, while an unsuccessful person always blames others.

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Successful V/S Unsuccessful

5. Successful people always talk about new ideas and learn something, while unsuccessful people always talk about people and act as if everything is coming.

Enhance your skills
Successful V/S Unsuccessful


Langar | True Story of Punjabi

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An interesting incident happened yesterday. A man was eating dal roti in a hotel. He was an elder of a good family. After dinner when it was time to pay the bill he said that he had left his purse at home and he would be back in a while to pay the bill. Sardarji sitting at the counter said, “No problem, give it when the money comes” and he left.

When the waiter saw this, he told Sardarji sitting at the counter that this man has done this in two-three hotels before and this money never comes.

To this Sardarji said, “He has gone only after eating dal-roti, not kofte, paneer paneer. He didn’t eat to fill his stomach, only to satisfy his hunger. He didn’t consider it a hotel. He came mistaking it for a gurudwara, and we don’t take money for Punjabi langar.

Father’s Sacrifice for Son | A Story of Father

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When a man was about forty-five years old, his wife died. People advised for second marriage but he refused saying that I have a gift given by my wife in the form of a son, because of this my whole life will be spent well.

When the son became an adult, he handed over all the business to the son. Sometimes he himself used to spend time sitting in the office of his friends.

He became even more determined after his son’s marriage. The whole house was handed over to the daughter-in-law.

About a year after the son’s marriage, we were having dinner in the afternoon, the son had also come from the office to have lunch and was preparing to eat after washing his hands and face.

He heard that the father asked the daughter-in-law for curd along with the food, then the daughter-in-law replied that there is no curd in the house today. Papa went to office after having food.

After some time the son sat down to eat with his wife. There was also a cup full of curd in the food. The son did not answer and went to the office himself after having food.

After a few days the son said to his father – “Papa, today you have to go to court, you are going to get married today.”

The father looked at the son with surprise and said- “Son, I don’t need a wife and I love you so much that maybe you don’t even need a mother, then why second marriage?”

The son said, ‘Father, I am neither bringing a mother for myself nor a wife for you.
*I am arranging curd for you only.*

From tomorrow I will stay with your daughter-in-law in a rented house and take salary as an employee in your office so that your daughter-in-law can know the price of curd.

*-Parents for us*
*ATM card can be made,*

So we for them
* Identity card can be made.

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Monkey and Baya| Preaching to a fool does its own harm

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A Baya used to live on a tree. She lived a comfortable life in her nest.

A monkey also lived on that tree.

He used to sleep here and there without a home.

One day it rained a lot.

The monkey was feeling sad because of the cold wind.

He was completely drenched.

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Story: Monkey and Baya

Baya sat hiding in her nest.

The rain had no effect on him.

After the rain ended, Baya explained to the monkey and said – “Monkey brother.

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Story: Monkey and Baya

If you had built a house like me, you would not have got wet in the rain like this today, nor would you have been in bad condition in the cold.

If you believe me, you too Build a house and start living like a human being.”

The monkey listened to Baya.

He felt Baya teasing him.

The monkey turned red with anger.

In no time, he broke Baya’s nest as well.

While teasing her, he said, “The elder has come to explain to me.

Now I will see where you live.

” Baya saw her nest being destroyed.

She was left after drinking a sip of blood.

At last Baya said to the monkey once again – Monkey brother! I will make my nest again.

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Story: Monkey and Baya

Yes, I have got a lesson that ‘convincing a fool leads to one’s own loss.

We should explain to someone who is sensible. Saying this, Baya flew away from that tree and started living far away by building a nest on another tree.

Education: Preaching to a fool does its own harm.

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Crane and Jackal | Tit for Tat

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Story : Crane and Jackal

It was a long time ago that a crane and a jackal lived together in a forest. Both of them used to talk about happiness and sorrow together, they were good friends, but both of them did not get along with each other. The jackal was very clever and stingy, he knew how to take things from others. Being selfish, he did not like to give something to anyone from his side. One day when both of them were talking together, they made a plan to go to each other’s house and have a meal. The jackal first invited the stork to his house for a meal.

The jackal knew how to eat but not how to feed. He thought what kind of thing should I make which tastes good and cannot be eaten. She thought of making kheer. Because kheer will look good and the stork will not be able to eat it easily. The next day the stork came to his friend’s house. He looked very happy because of his innocent nature. The jackal was very clever. Seeing the stork coming home, he started talking smooth to keep him happy. At the time of the meal, he invited the stork friend to the feast. The jackal deliberately served kheer in a wide plate. Both the friends started eating kheer. The jackal kept eating kheer with great pleasure and praised his kheer as well. Sometimes the stork would look at its beak and sometimes it would look at the kheer served on the plate. Kheer did not come in the beak of the stork. He kept on repenting after eating each and every grain of rice. On the other hand, the jackal himself ate all the kheer with pleasure.

The stork wanted to teach the jackal a lesson. The next day, when the jackal came to blow the feast, the stork also welcomed him with great love. At the time of the meal, the stork served kheer in a long and tight-necked jug and said – Come brother, the food is ready. You like kheer, don’t eat it with pleasure. The stork put its long beak in the jug and kept on praising the rice pudding with pleasure. The jackal’s mouth could not go into the jug. Sometimes he would look at the kheer lying in the jug and sometimes he would regret his actions. He left from there feeling ashamed. You will fill the district as you do.

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