Heart Attack: Treated by Ayurveda of India

Pumping hormones and other vital substances to different parts of the body. Receiving deoxygenated blood and carrying metabolic waste products from the body and pumping it to the lungs for oxygenation.

3000 years ago there was a great sage in India. The name was Maharishi Vagvat ji, he wrote a book named, Ashtang Hridayam Astang hrudayam In this book he wrote 7000 formulas to cure diseases.

This is one of those formulas. Heart attack, it means that there is a blockage in the tubes of the heart, then it means that acidity has increased in the blood. You understand acidity, which is called acidity in English. Give acidity. There are two types, one is acidity of stomach and one is acidity of blood.

When acidity increases in your stomach, you will say that there is a burning sensation in the stomach, sour belching, water is coming out of the mouth and If this acidity increases further, then there will be hyperacidity and when this acidity of the stomach increases in the blood, then blood acidity occurs and when acidity increases in the blood, then this acidic blood cannot pass through the blood vessels of the heart. And it causes blockage in the tubes, only then heart attack happens, without it heart attack does not happen and this is the biggest truth of Ayurveda which no doctor tells you because its treatment is the easiest! What is the treatment? When acidity has increased in the blood, then you should use such things which are alkaline.

You know there are two types of things acidic and alkaline! acidic and alkaline Now what happens if acid and alkali are mixed? What happens if acid and alkaline are mixed?

Everyone knows that it is neutral, so if the acidity of the blood has increased, then eat alkaline things! So the acidity of the blood will become neutral. And the acidity in the blood became neutral! So there is never any possibility of heart attack in life! This is the whole story! Now you will ask what are the things which are alkaline and should we eat? There are many such things in your kitchen which are alkaline, if you eat them, you will never get a heart attack and if it has come, it will not come again. We all know what is the most alkaline thing and all are easily available in the house. If yes, then it is bottle gourd which is also called Dudhi, in English it is called bottle gourd which you eat as a vegetable! There is nothing more alkaline than this! So you drink bottle gourd juice every day or eat raw bottle gourd.

Bottle gourd has the maximum power to reduce the acidity of the blood, so you should consume bottle gourd juice, how much should you consume? Drink 200 to 300 mg daily, when to drink? You can drink empty stomach (after going to toilet) in the morning or after half an hour of breakfast. You can make this bottle gourd juice more alkaline by adding 7 to 10 leaves of basil to it. Basil is very alkaline. 7 to 10 leaves of mint can be added, mint is also very alkaline, along with it you must add black salt or rock salt, it is also very alkaline, but remember, add only black or rock salt, never add other iodized salt, this iodized salt. If it is acidic, then you must consume this gourd juice, it will cure all your heart blockage in a period of 2 to 3 months. You will start seeing a lot of effect on the 21st day itself, you will not need any operation at home.

It will be treated by our Ayurveda of India and your precious body and lakhs of rupees will be saved from the operation.

You have read the whole post, thank you very much. Sanatan Dharma is the best.

India “A Truth”


5000 years ago Brahmins exploited us a lot, Brahmins stopped us from studying. The great historians who tell this do not tell what the British did to us 100 years ago. What did the Mughal emperors do 500 years ago.

There was no education in our country, but in 1897, Shivkar Bapuji Talpade made an airplane and flew it in Mumbai, to see which Maha Govind Ranade, the High Court judge of that time, and Maharaj Gaikwad, a king of Mumbai, along with thousands of people were present. To see.

After that an English company named Daly Brother entered into an agreement with Shivkar Bapuji Talpade and later Bapuji died, this death is also a conspiracy, he was murdered and then later in 1903, the Wright brothers built the ship.

Let us tell you that Shivkar Bapuji Talpade built the ship after reading the book thousands of years ago, Maharishi Bhardwaj’s Vimana Shastra, in which there are 500 ways to make 500 ships.

But these so-called atheists, who are the brokers of lustful Christians, from among all of us, tell us that there was no education, no employment in India.

America’s first President George Washington came on 14 December 1799. Due to cold and fever, he did not have medicine for fever. At that time plastic surgery used to be done in India and the British were learning plastic surgery in our Gurukul, now some leftists will speak lustfully, this is a complete lie.

So can the leftist lustful gangs The statue of Rishi Sushruta Rishi with the title “Father of Surgery” is installed in the Australian College of Surgeons Melbourne.

Maharishi Sushruta: He is considered the father of surgery and the world’s first surgeon. He was skilled in surgery or operation. Many important knowledge about surgery has been explained in detail in the book ‘Sushrut Samhita’ written by Maharishi Sushrut. In these, the names of more than 125 surgical instruments such as needles, knives and tongs, and complete information about 300 types of surgeries and the preparations to be done before them, such as boiling the instruments, etc., have been given.

While modern science has discovered surgery almost four centuries ago. It is believed that Maharishi Sushruta was expert in performing surgery for the treatment of pains like cataract, stone, bone fracture. Not only this, he also used to do skin change surgery.

Bhaskaracharya: In the modern era, Newton is credited with the discovery of the Earth’s gravitational power (the power to pull substances towards itself). But very few people know that the secret of gravity was revealed by Bhaskaracharya many centuries before Newton. Bhaskaracharyaji has written about the gravity of the earth in his book ‘Siddhantashiromani’ that ‘the earth pulls the celestial substances towards itself with a special power. Because of this, the heavenly substance falls on the earth.

Acharya Kanad: Kanad is considered the father of the concept of atom. Thousands of years before atomic scientist John Dalton in the modern era, Maharishi Kanad revealed the secret that matter consists of atoms.

There is also an interesting belief about his unattached life that when he went out for some work, while returning home, he used to earn his living by collecting the things or grains lying on the roads. That’s why his name Kanad also became famous.

Gargamuni: Gargamuni is considered the discoverer of the constellations. Means the knowledgeable of the world of stars. It was Gargamuni only, who proved completely correct whatever he told about Shri Krishna and Arjuna on the basis of constellation science. The Mahabharata war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas was disastrous. The reason behind this was that in the first side of the war there was a new moon on the thirteenth day after the tithi decayed. Its other side also had date decay. The full moon came on the fourteenth day and there was a lunar eclipse on the same day. Garg Muniji had told the same position and results of Tithi-Nakshatras earlier.

Acharya Charak: Acharya Charak, who composed important Ayurveda texts like ‘Charaksanhita’, has also been described as an Ayurveda expert and a ‘skin doctor’. Acharya Charak made deep research about physiology, pregnancy, medicine. In today’s era, the information about the diagnosis and treatment of the most common diseases like diabetes, heart disease and tuberculosis was revealed years ago.

Patanjali: Cancer is one of the deadly diseases in the modern era, today treatment is possible. But many centuries ago, sage Patanjali created a yoga science that can prevent cancer and told that the treatment of cancer is also possible with yoga.

Baudhayan: Known as the Indian Trigonometrician. Several centuries ago, Buddhists discovered the trigonometric construction method for making different types of Yajnavedis. Baudhayan simplified the answer to many difficult questions such as the sum of the areas of two right-angled equilateral quadrilaterals, making a ‘right-angled’ equilateral quadrilateral of the same area and turning that figure into a circle equal to its area.

15 years ago, 2000 years ago temple is found, which today’s scientists and engineers are surprised to see how the temple will be built, now we should ask these leftist lustful people who built the temple

The great historians who tell us that Brahmins did not allow us to study, do not tell us that till 1835 there were 700000 Gurukuls in India, the complete document of this will be found in the Indian House.

India was a poor country, then why did all the invaders of the world come to India to make us rich.

There was no employment in India. Backward Dalits were kept as slaves in India, but the leftist lunatics will not tell you that in 1750 India’s share in the world’s trade was 24% and in 1990 it came down to 1%, what was the reason behind it.

If untouchability was as much in our country, there was no employment in our country, then how was our business of 24 percent in the business of the whole world.

These leftist lunatics will not tell how 3000000 people in India died of hunger in a span of few days due to the policies of the British.

A very special thing, leftist lustful or English brokers say that India was so much loved, Sanatan culture was so rich, then why all the inventions were made by the British, why the people of India did not make any invention.

Keep on telling those leftist lustful people that all the inventions were done in India only, but they have stolen and patented it in their own name, otherwise tell one thing, before coming to India, if the British had invented any one thing, then tell its name and a little bit of your mind. Guess how these people started inventing only after coming to India, why didn’t they do it before that.

A Brave Women: Durga Bhabhi


This is Durga Bhabhi, the same Durga Bhabhi who took Rajguru and Bhagat Singh out of Lahore from under the nose of the British and took them to Kolkata after Saunders’ murder. Her husband was revolutionary Bhagwati Charan Verma. It is also said that the mouser that Chandrashekhar Azad had in his last moments was also given to him by Durga Bhabhi.

On October 14, 1999, she left this world anonymously, only a few newspapers published about her.

Today, even after so many years of independence, neither that heroine got the place she deserved in the pages of history, nor was she remembered by anyone, be it the government or the public.

Not even a monument is named after him, there is no statue of him anywhere. Not only the government has forgotten, the public has also forgotten.

We bow down to such brave women.
And keep trying to give respect to all such heroes in future…

Who is fooling whom, a devotee of God or a devotee of God!

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One’s own death and the death of loved ones seem scary. The rest of the man just enjoys death…

take some time to read till the end

Man relishing the taste of death…
It is written a bit bitter but it is written from the heart.

There is no love for death, death is our taste.

of goat,
of cow,
of buffalo,
of camel,
of deer,
of halal,
without halal,
fresh goat,
Small Fish,
big fish,

Cooked on low flame. Don’t know how many but innumerable are the tastes of death.
Because the death is someone else’s, and the taste is ours.

Taste has become business of death.
Poultry Farming, Fish Farming, Goat Farming, Poultry Farms.
Name *follow* and motive *murder*❗
Opened till the slaughter house. That too official. Non-veg restaurants open in every street, if not the business of death then what else? Love and business with death because death is not ours.

Those who cannot speak like us, cannot express, are not able to protect themselves…

How did we accept their helplessness as our strength?

How can you assume that they don’t have feelings?
Or do they not sigh?

While scratching the bones on the dining table, the father teaches the children, Son, never hurt anyone! Don’t take someone’s sigh! No one should have tears in their eyes because of you!

The father who inculcates false rituals in the children, does not see that bone in his hand, which was a body earlier, inside which there was a soul before, it also had a mother…??
Which would have been cut?
Who would have moaned?
Who would be in agony?
Whose sigh must have come out?
Who would have even cursed?

How did you believe that whenever atrocities on the earth increase, God will incarnate only to protect you humans..❓

Are the dumb animals not the children of that Supreme Father God?

Is that God not worried about their safety..❓

Under the guise of religion, in the name of that Supreme Father, sometimes you slaughter goats on Eid for your taste, sometimes you sacrifice goats in front of Durga Maa or Bhairav Baba. Somewhere you enjoy fish for your taste.

ever thought …!!!
Does God have taste? …. What is their food?

Who are you cheating?
To God?
To Allah?
To Jesus?
or himself?

Don’t eat non veg on Tuesday…!!!
Today is Saturday so no…!!!
Now fasting is going on….!!!
The question does not arise in Navratri….!!!
Who is fooling whom, a devotee of God or a devotee of God!

Live and let live

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It is a humble request to all school principals, teachers and stop colleagues,

Summer vacations are going to start from 15/16 May, all the schools will be closed for about 40 days.

So keep in mind while closing the windows and doors, take a good look at the rooms from inside, no bird should remain inside, if it remains, it will die a painful death of hunger and thirst in 40 days, so it is a humble request to you with folded hands, pay special attention to this Everyone has full right on nature, live and let live

Knowledge Comes From Education Not Ego : Story of Kalidas

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Kalidas said :- “Mother, give me water, it will be a great virtue”!
The woman said :- Son, I do not know you. introduce yourself.
I will definitely give you water.
Kalidas said :- I am a wanderer, please give me water.
The woman said :- “How can you be a wanderer?” There are only two wayfarers, the Sun and the Moon, who never stop! Always keep on walking. Which of the following are you? Tell the truth.

Kalidas said :- I am a guest, please give me water.
The woman said :- “How can you be a guest”? There are only two guests in the world. First wealth and second youth! It doesn’t take long for them to go. tell the truth who are you

(The losers of all the arguments so far had become desperate)
Kalidas said :- I am tolerant. Now you give water to drink.
The woman said :- “No, there are only two who are tolerant. First, the earth which bears the burden of all the sinners and the virtuous”! Even after sowing seeds by ripping its chest, it gives stores of grains, other trees which are stoned still give sweet fruits. you are not tolerant tell the truth who are you

(Kalidas almost fell into a swoon and spoke furiously with the argument)
Kalidas said :- I am stubborn.
The woman said :- “Then untruth. There are only two stubbornness – first nail and second hair, no matter how much you cut, they come out again and again. Who are you to tell the truth”?
(were completely humiliated and defeated)
Kalidas said :- Then I am a fool.

The woman said :- “No how can you be a fool.
There are only two fools. The first is the king who rules over everyone even without qualification, and the second is the court pundit who tries to prove it right by reasoning even on wrong things to please the king.
(Unable to speak anything, Kalidas fell at the feet of the old woman and begged for water.)
The old woman said :- Get up Vats! (Hearing the voice, Kalidas looked up and saw Mother Saraswati standing there, Kalidas again bowed down)

Mother said :- Knowledge comes from education not ego. You considered the honor and prestige you got on the power of education as your achievement and sat with arrogance, so I had to do this farce to open your eyes!!
Kalidas realized his mistake and went ahead after drinking plenty of water.

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