Chanakya Policy: Women will come running to you | Will be ready for this work

Chanakya Policy: Chanakya used to say that some men have such habits, which women like very much. If you also adopt such a policy according to Chanakya then naturally women will be attracted towards you.

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Chanakya Policy: Women will come running to you | Will be ready for this work

Chanakya used to say that women like these things related to the personality of men so much that they lose their hearts on them. On the other hand, other men who do not have these habits envy such popular men. After all, what are the habits that make women angry, let us tell you through this article. Due to which you too can become popular by adopting your personality.

Give Respect

Chanakya used to say, a man who knows how to give respect to others, women naturally get attracted towards him. Men who do not respect anyone in love relationships or married life and hurt others, the relationship of such people often breaks. Those who give importance to women, their married life and love relationship never fail.

Build a Trust

Chanakya used to say that even after knowing the secret of a woman, if a man keeps her confined only to himself and does not allow her to appear in front of the world. Women are instantly attracted to such a man.

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Assure Safety

Chanakya used to say, when a man makes a woman feel secure in his presence, women start trusting such a man. The man who makes his girlfriend, wife feel secure. Give them good environment. Love never diminishes there.

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Distance Yourself From Pride

Chanakya used to say, if you just stay in yourself. Always keep your ego, then you will never be able to get along with women. Every relationship is more than ego. Women like this habit of men who accept their mistakes. To create sweetness in long-term relationships, distance has to be made from ego.

If you win the trust of women and she feels safe coming near you then you are a very good person.

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