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There are many of you who want to study for 10 to 12 hours but are unable to study, there are many of you who want to bring discipline in your life but are unable to do so. There are many people among us who have been preparing for years but still haven’t found success in life, they are preparing now but they don’t know the answer to any question if you ask. It’s not even that they didn’t work hard, they worked hard but didn’t prepare in right direction, just like we have to eat right food to satisfy hunger, and similarly we have another stomach which is our mind. Just as we need good nutrients for a healthy life, similarly a good brain requires good knowledge. So our today’s article will be that if you want achievement in your life, then by adopting the formula given by us, you can bring achievement in your life, then the selection is certain, so let’s start –

Always fool your mind

Our mind does what it likes, it will never want to do something that it does not like, like a friend is far away from you and he abuses you on the phone or if someone insults you, you will be worried. That you have to take revenge, you are sitting studying and suddenly your mind will start thinking why he said that and in the process your mind will be diverted from studies and you will leave studies. , So you need to fool your mind at that time, tell your mind that you will definitely take revenge but after achieving your destination. Whenever your mind fools you, you fool yourself.

Contemplate and Ponder

Whenever there is turmoil in the mind, do think, but do not get confused, the mind wants to have a bottle of beer with pizza burger, AC with food and drink. Relax with your girlfriend whenever you feel like don’t care just fool her first ask her to complete my chapter then I will have a lot of fun when that chapter is over leave her give some new work you will see that your brain be in control of yourself. Suppose your college is far away from your home, go on foot, you can say to him if you want, I will walk up and down every day, here I mean to say first complete your work, then listen to your mind. Do not listen, otherwise the mind will always tell you to do that in which your destruction is hidden. So always keep it under your control, think about it, and don’t worry.

Get into the habit of writing

Make a habit of writing, you can read without thinking but you cannot write without thinking, so make a habit of writing, write 10 to 20 pages in a day, when you sit down to write, you will have to think, after three to four days you will see that Your mind is under your control, it is doing what you are saying, you remember, if you adopt this, you will see success in your steps, if you can break the habit of alcohol after 10 days If you can get used to smoking, can’t you get used to writing? You sit in the room and fill the whole room with writing, get it trended, you will see that after one month your mind will be under your control, that too trend, this is called meditation. What do you think this Sage monk does, hey brother, he also tries to calm his mind, whenever he sits in meditation, his mind wanders here and there again and again and torturing him to make him a monk Yes, stand in the hot sun, when they can do that to control their mind, can’t you get into the habit of writing. When you leave the house, mother also tells you to study with your heart or mind, because mother also knows that you have to pay attention to studies, you don’t feel like it, so if you want to study with your heart, then make it a habit of writing. Your mind will become automatic.

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