Allow us to let you know that ANI made a tweet on Twitter, on which individuals caused a ton of ruckus.

Tell us the news on which individuals caused commotion

Bollywood legend & Veteran Actor Amitabh Bachchan filed a suit in Delhi High Court seeking protection of his personality rights. Eminent lawyer Harish Salve appearing for him. The matter is underway before Justice Navin Chawla

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Written by Imperfect Jitendar: As u said even after living almost 95% of his life span he is still so much involved in all materialistic world.This is human traits. Motivational speaker would explain it other way.But for some people he is only interested to remain part of this Bhavsagar.

They did astonishing

The AstroSapien labeled ankit’s message saying exactly the same thing.

Trolled by @gyanjarahatke :

@ Mr. Bachchan, advanced age has come.At death’s doorstep and the other on a banana strip.Quit passing on for cash now.Your shameful youngsters couldn’t accomplish anything in existence with the assistance of your name, photograph and voice, why are they venting their resentment on other destitute individuals.

DS replying

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