Devotion to Shiva on Mahashivaratri

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You must have seen a lot of devotion to Shiva on Mahashivaratri, but we will show you such a devotee of Shiva who is intoxicated but his devotion is true, you can see in this video of ours.

Devotion to Shiva on Mahashivaratri

This video is from Raipur Chhattisgarh in which a shiva devotee is presenting an example of bhakti by performing his art on a song sung for him in a drunken state of cannabis. Hope you guys will enjoy watching it.

Complain on INGRAM if goods are not returned in online shopping


For the last few years, the craze of online shopping is increasing rapidly. People have started ordering everything from clothes to mobile phones online. Because of this, many fake companies send substandard goods instead of the goods shown online. When consumers return them, companies don’t even return them. Not only this, cases of cheating are also being seen many times during online shopping. In such a situation, a little awareness can save the consumers from loss and fraud.

Q. What to do to avoid any kind of fraud and loss during online shopping?

Ans. It is most important for this, to shop on a well-known website. Never do purchasing by clicking on unknown links after seeing the goods available on social media.

Q. After shopping, with the help of many online websites, goods are not returned, what to do?

Ans. Always buy from well known e-commerce site only. If there is a defect in the product, give an online request to the company for the return within the stipulated time. In case of non-return of goods, you can also contact the helpline number of the site from which you have purchased.

Q. Where to complain if there is no hearing on the site from where shopping is done?

Ans. For this you can also register your complaint in the Government’s Grievance Redressal Portal INGRAM (Integrated Grievance Redressal System).

Q. At the time of shopping after online payment many times the product is not available or things like junk, stone, potato are found in an empty box. What to do in such a situation?

Ans. In such a situation, the victim can register his complaint on the consumer affairs site

Q. What to do about online fraud?

Ans. In case of fraud, first of all report it on the concerned e-commerce website only. A complaint can also be lodged by calling the customer care of the company. If you don’t get the solution, you can also go directly to the consumer court. In case of cyber crime, you can also complain to the regional cyber police.

Rare Emperor Tamarin Monkey Missing

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Two rare emperor tamarin monkeys went missing from the zoo in Dallas, the largest city in the US state of Texas.

The zoo administration has released this picture.

Emperor monkeys are white moustaches.

It is believed that they are named after the German Emperor Wilhelm II.

His mustache was also like this.

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Rare Monkey Missing

7 Marvels of US | Wonders of America

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Kids’ tests have begun all over, after that a long get-away will come and a considerable lot of you should have proactively made occasion arrangements. With so many objective choices, how would you choose where to go? For some families, that decision is many times one of America’s Public Parks.

While it will make an imprint on your mind that is certain to be considered as a part of your brilliant minutes, U.S.

The public authority keeps many public parks, landmarks, amusement regions and verifiable locales that are visited by a huge number of individuals every year, and you can as well.

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“How Can I Get it?” Lady Flies Home From USA Just to Buy Original Shea Butter | Viral Video Trends on TikTok


Acoording to 

  • A lady has travelled down from USA just to buy original shea butter which she uses over there for her business.
  • She has posted a video of the moment she flew in and when the shea butter was packaged for her in a special way.
  • Already, TikTok users are admiring the shea butter because of how good it looks in the video which has gone viral .

TikTok users are surprised that a lady flew down from USA just to buy shea butter and then took another flight back.

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However, in a viral video she posted, the lady has explained that she flew in to buy the shea butter because she wanted the original one.

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The lady came to get original shea butter for her business. Photo credit: TikTok/@uncoveredbeauty_. Source: UGC

She made it clear that the shea butter is for her business hence she wanted to get the best from Africa.

Video of a lady who flew in from US to buy shea butter In the video, she showed when she was on flight and also when the shea butter was packaged for her.

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She said in the video that the shea butter looks creamy and that it is handpicked from the motherland, Africa. TikTok users who have seen the video are already falling for the shea butter. Some are asking how they can get it. The video was posted by @uncoveredbeauty__.

Reactions from TikTok users

@Freya Lady asked:

“How can I get it.

@M Stevens said:

“It’s sad that many people still don’t know about East African shea butter from Uganda and Sudan.It’s softer(higher olein content).”

@kanazoe aliah commented:

“The best shea butter is in Burkina Faso, it’s less expensive and they have the best shea butter and even have the fruit!!

A video posted on TikTok showed when the man walked into his family house. His mother and his father could not contain their joy as they all wept.


Elephant Sentenced to Death

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You must have heard about the death sentence of humans, but do you know that about 107 years ago, an elephant was publicly hanged in America, you will be surprised to know the reason.

Today none of you would have heard that any animal has been given death sentence. If you haven’t heard, today we are going to tell you the story of such an elephant. Which was publicly hanged in America about 107 years ago.

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Elephant Sentenced to Death

You may find it strange to hear but this is the reality. 107 years ago today, on 13 September 1916, an elephant named Mary was hanged in the US state of Tennessee. During this two thousand people were present. There is a strange story behind the death penalty for the elephant.

A man named Charlie Sparks used to run a circus named ‘Sparks World Famous Show’ in Tennessee. There were many animals in that circus, including an Asian elephant named Mary, it is said that one day Mary’s mahout left the circus for some reason. After this the owner of the circus replaced him with another mahout. In such a situation, the new mahout did not know much about Hathi Mary. Also, Maryam did not spend much time with the mahout. That’s why Mahavat started having trouble in controlling Maryam.

Elephant Sentenced to Death

Meanwhile, one day a parade was organized in the city to promote the circus, in which all the animals including Mary and all the circus artists participated. A procession was taken out in the center of the city. During this, Mary saw some food item on the way, for which she started moving fast. During this, the mahout riding on the elephant hit his neck behind the ear with a spear, which enraged the elephant and the mahout fell down. After this the elephant crushed him with his feet. Due to which Mahavat died on the spot.

Seeing this incident, the crowd of people started running here and there. Enraged by this incident, some people started a ruckus on the streets raising slogans to kill the elephant. But at that time the matter had somehow calmed down. But most of the people of the city and the owner of the circus, Charlie Spark, together with the people, started demanding the death penalty for the elephant. The very next day of this incident, American newspapers gave special place to this unfortunate incident. After which this news spread rapidly throughout the city.

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Elephant Sentenced to Death

The townspeople demand the death penalty for Mary the Elephant from circus owner Charlie Spark. Along with this, he also threatened that if this did not happen, he would never allow a circus to happen again in the city. Many people talked about killing the elephant in many ways. In the end, Charlie Spark had to bow to the insistence of the people and decided to put Mary (the elephant) to death. For this, he called for a crane lifting 100 tonnes and on 13 September 1916, with the help of a crane, the elephant was hanged among thousands of people. This incident is considered to be the most cruel example of humanity towards animals in history.

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Elephant Sentenced to Death

I hope you will like this story very much and you will find this story very interesting, tell it to your friends and if you like it then we have to comment.


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