Fuse Bulbs | A Story of A Retired!

An IAS officer came to stay in Bhopal. Who recently retired. These officers used to look at other people with disdain while walking in the nearby park every evening in bewilderment and did not talk to anyone. One day sat with an old man for a chat and then started sitting with him continuously, the topic of his conversation was only one – I was such a big IAS officer in Jaipur. Have I come here under compulsion? Should I have settled in Delhi? And the elders used to listen to their words peacefully.

Disturbed by the boastful words of the officer, one day the old man asked him that – Have you ever seen fuse bulbs? After the bulb is fused, does anyone see which company the bulb was made of? How much light did it emit?

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The old man said: that after the bulb is fused, none of these things matter at all. People throw the bulb in the junk. Am I right or not?

Then when that retired IAS officer nodded in agreement, then the elders again said : After retirement, our condition also becomes like a fuse bulb. Where did we work? How many senior positions were there? What was our status? Doesn’t all this matter. The old man told that I have been living in the society for the last many years and till date I have not told anyone that I have been a Member of Parliament twice.

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Fuse Bulbs | A Story of A Retired!

He said that the one sitting in front of Verma ji was the General Manager of the Railways. And those who are coming from the front, sir, were they brigadiers in the army. And Bairwa ji was the chief in ISRO. But none of us told this to anyone. Because I know that all fuse bulbs become the same after being fused. Whether it is of zero watt or 50 watt or 100 watt! No light, no utility.

He further said that people are so confused about their position that even after retirement they do not forget their good days with them.

The old man said that you were a big officer. You were capable too. But what now?

Now this thing doesn’t matter but what matters is how human you were when you were in office? How much attention did you give to the people of the society? What did you give to the society? How many were useful? Or just keep cringing in pride.

The elders further said that if you ever feel proud while on the post, just remember that one day you also have to fuse.


This is a mirror for those people who never do anyone’s good with their pen while being in position and power. And after retirement, such people start worrying a lot about the society. Still have time? Think and help the society. Illuminate the society and the country with the bulb of your post, then only after retirement the society will look at you with good eyes and respect you.

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5 thoughts on “Fuse Bulbs | A Story of A Retired!”

  1. I have read this story that has a lesson for those who are retired or going to retire. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. It’s sad that you lose your status after being retired. It should be the other way around. People should respect you for your accumulated wisdom.


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