5 Main Reasons for Losing The Final of France Football Team / The main reason for the defeat of France

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  1. France’s problems increased before the FIFA World Cup, three of its players became sick, although there may be a conspiracy involved : Ill players include Raphael Varane, Ibrahim Conte, and Kingsley Coman. Virus has harmed all three players. he did not turn up for training on Friday due to this reason, there are signs of cold, if reports are to be believed. Während winger Koman has a mild viral disease.
    Diot Upamecano was not able to play for the team due to illness.He was not in the starting eleven. After the quarter-final match against England, Adrien Rabiot fell ill as well. ACs have been installed in the stadium because of the high heat. France would have won today if the team had taken care of these reasons.
    4. Many big names out due to injury : Many big players of France could not play in the tournament due to injury. Striker Karim Benzema was injured just days before the start of the tournament. Apart from them, N’Golo Kante and Paul Pogba also missed the tournament due to injury. Due to these main reasons the team could not create history.

3. France scored only 2 goals in the penalty shootout while Argentina scored 4 : In the final match of World Cup 2022, the score of France and Argentina was 3-3. In such a situation, the result of the match came out through the penalty shootout and only 2 while Argentina scored 4 goals, due to which France lost the final and Argentina created history.

2. Kylian Mbappé’s hat-tricks didn’t work : Kylian Mbappe’s three hat-tricks did not work, although most of the French players were suffering from illness, but the kind of performance Kylian Mbappe showed, if any other player of the team had shown, today France would have FIFA, not Argentina.

1. The team from France looked to be struggling : Argentina took a 2–0 lead in the 80th minute with goals from Messi (23rd minute) and Angel Di Mario (36th minute), but Mbappe scored twice in the 80th and 81st minutes to force extra time. Messi scored in the 108th minute in extra time, then Mbappe equalized again ten minutes later to pen the match. pulled into the shootout. In the shootout, substitute Gonzalo Motil scored the decisive penalty, while France’s Kingsley Koeman and Orléan Chouameny missed the target.This one mistake is the main reason for the defeat of France.

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